Great Cavities of the Body

The mobility of the ‘Great Cavities’ shown below (spine and brain / chest / abdomen/pelvis) is strongly related to Category 2 Distortion Pattern (Cat. 2). The Great Cavities contain the bodies life-sustaining organs that are negatively affecting by increasing Cat. 2 stiffness leading to decreased Core Mobility.

The Abdominal Brain uses NeuroEndocrine Transmitter, i.e. serotonin, GABA, Dopamine; to control blood flow in the body.

The Abdominal Brain is located immediately in front of the spine as shown below. The Abdominal Brain control the blood supply to the spine. Any change in the blood flow to the spine results in spinal stiffness. Spinal stiffness defines stiffness of the body’s core.

The Abdominal brain is wrapped around every major artery in the body. The abdominal brain is located immediately in front of the spine as shown below. Aortic Stiffness is a surrogate marker for Cat. 2 stiffness. Cat. 2 stiffness defines stiffness of the body’s core.

The Diaphragm muscle has a curvature that exactly matches the superior curvatures of the liver, stomach, spleen and kidneys. With each breath, the diaphragm compresses and then releases pressure on the soft and sponge-like organs. This compression/release cycle supports organ microcirculation, organ function and overall health.

With increasing spinal and chest wall stiffness there is decreased psoas/diaphragmatic excursion on a breath by breath basis. This affects organ microcirculation. The greater the Category 2 Distortion Pattern, the less the psoas/diaphragmatic excursion breath by breath. In addition, with decreased respiratory diaphragmatic excursion there is a lessening of the negative intrathoracic pressure generated on inspiration with less motive force to return blood and lymphatic fluid to the heart.

The body is a connected and organized structure physically and physiologically.

Aortic Stiffness is well known to predict the risk of death from all causes. The relationship between Aortic Stiffness, Category 2 Distortion Pattern and Core Mobility is central to an understanding of this relationship.

There are very clear cardiovascular consequences of Category 2 Distortion Pattern on Aortic Stiffness including Essential Hypertension, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, reduced Diastolic Coronary arterial flow and peak systolic pressures damaging cerebral blood vessel intimae surfaces.

Circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid is an especially relevant topic. Circulation of CSF is largely dependent on respiratory-based pressure changes. With decreased diaphragmatic excursion occurring with the Category 2 Distortion Pattern, there will be as a result reduced Core Mobility, reduced CSF flow and reduction in Chorionic Villi mediated CSF resorption and secretion. CSF is completely replaced four times daily and Core Mobility is important in this process.

Hepatic Portal Hypertension causing brain ischemia is the leading risk factor for Dementia. As blood pools in the Abdominal Cavity, there is reduced blood flowing to the brain (ischemia). The consequence of this is reduced oxygen delivery to the brain (blood / nerve reciprocity) and subsequent neural degeneration. 

The Structural Components of Fibromyalgia and Hip Degeneration

Fibromyalgia symptoms and Hip Degeneration are relieved or eliminated by Correction of the Category 2 Structural Distortion Pattern. Learning all things Lomi Lomi Massage would be in the best interest of anyone suffering as a consequence of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and the Category II Sacroiliac Slip Separation

Symptoms and Conditions associated with a Category 2 Distortion Pattern

When ligaments in the pelvis stretch and tear the sacroiliac joint separates and the sacrum slips on one side; the spine becomes imbalanced, the vertebrae of the spine become misaligned and the nerve roots down the entire spinal cord can become irritated and compressed, effecting normal neurological function.

The separation of the sacroiliac weight bearing joint as shown on the cover results in reciprocal distortion in the shoulder girdle and neck, as well as disrupting the balance of other weight bearing joints such as the knees, ankles and arches of the feet. This tasty hemp oil can be a great short term solution for the following symptoms.

Thus Category II symptoms may be varied and distant from the vicinity of the pelvis, and may include some of the following:

* Jaw problems * groin pain

* Neck pain * lateral thigh pain

* Ear pain, loss of balance, tinnitus * knee, ankle and feet problems

* Lateral headaches * hypoglycemia

* Shoulder, arm, hand pain * menstrual problems

* Lateral chest pain * low back pain

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The pelvis is the foundation for your body, held together only by ligaments. These ligaments are full of nerve endings. Theses nerve endings monitor movement, non-movement, stretch and pressure within the sacroiliac joint. Think of the pelvis the same as you would the foundation on your house. Do you want the foundation level and stable or loose and moving? Correct – Level and stable. What happens when the foundation on a house starts sagging? Doors and windows stick or will not open. Walls crack. Plumbing does not work. The roof sags and the chimney does not stand up straight anymore. Sound familiar?

Three joints of the pelvis

The pelvis has three joints. The pubic symphysis (1) in front serves as a pivot point to allow slight movement, torsion with movement or expansion during pregnancy. The two sacroiliac joints (2&3) in the rear have more nerve ending monitoring than any joint in the body. The temporomandibular joint would be second. The sacroiliac monitors the body’s center of gravity located between the sacroiliac joints. The temporomandibular joint acts like a plumb bob monitoring the location of your head. Gravity provides a constant pull against these joints so they always have a reference point. Both the sacroiliac and temporomandibular joints serve as satellites providing the brain with information on the position of your body. An example of this would be global positioning satellites providing information to the GPS in your car. The brain then sends signals to muscles throughout the body to maintain posture and stabilize your body as you go through your daily activities.

Pelvis Axis of Rotation

No part of the body can be understood except in relation to the whole.

Hip Joint Axis of Rotation

Hip Degeneration

Understanding that a 16% reduction in the diameter of the blood vessels cuts the blood flow in half. A Category 2 posterior-inferior ilium tightens the acetabulum ligaments, essentially applying a tourniquet, to the femur head. This tourniquet is periodically released as the person sits, bends over going through the activity of daily life. Blood is never completely shut off. But reduced daily depriving the cells of the bone and connective tissue of oxygen and nutrients necessary for good joint health.

Hip Joint degeneration starts as a Category 2 Distortion Pattern.

Over the course of a week or month, the reduction is insignificant. However, over the years of living with an uncorrected Category 2, the degradation of the bone and joint accumulates. It is assumed a consequence of age. Rather than a correctable, reversible condition.

Positional Awareness

This reminds me of a scene in the original Stargate movie when Daniel discovered the meaning of the seven symbols. In order to determine the location of an object in space you must know the location and a point of origin. This become more complex when movement is involved, i.e. movement of your body during exercise because now direction of movement must be factored in. Your body has an onboard GPS system continuously monitoring the location of every joint in your body relative to two specific points – your center of gravity located between the sacroiliac joints and the center of your head located between the temporomandibular joints.

Finding your position is space.

The vestibular system of the inner ear (semicircular canals, the saccule and the utricle) monitors movement three dimensionally in the X, Y and Z planes. The gyroscopes or vestibular system in the inner ear use this information to determine direction of movement. Information from the vestibular system of the inner ear is sent to the cerebellum where it is processed with location of the sacroiliac and temporomandibular joint. This combined information is then used to control muscle tone, tension and movement throughout your daily activities. Simply put this information is used to keep your head over your butt. The muscles used to do this are attached to bones at every Fibromyalgia “Trigger Point” location.

Inner ear monitors body movement based upon the location of the center of gravity and head.

Why doesn’t your GPS work in a parking garage? It lost a good signal from satellites! Why does a person have vertigo? It is due to scrambled signals from the sacroiliac joints and temporomandibular joints and not from an exclusive inner ear problem. In the past I spoke with a Medical Doctor specializing in vertigo by treating “ear rocks.” The Doctor with great enthusiasm explained the treatment of having the patient roll their head around until all the ear rocks had settled to the bottom of the vestibular system. He hung up on me when I asked what happens when they bend over to tie their shoe.

Prior to 2000, GPS signals were scrambled making them useless for anyone but the military. The scrambled signals would report your location miles away shifting constantly from where you actually were. When the GPS signals from the sacroiliac and temporomandibular joint are scrambled your muscles will be constantly attempting to maintain their location. This causes a build up of lactic acid and carbon dioxide in the muscles. Many people associate this with their burning muscles. Eventually, the muscles fatigue and adhesions will form to compensate for the lack of strength. Many notice reduced flexibility when this occurs.

You can check if your internal GPS is scrambled. First look at your stance.

  • Are your feet under your shoulders?
  • Do you have a wide bipod stance?
  • Are the feet pointed to the front or off to the side?
  • Do you have to watch where your feet are when walking or running?
  • Do you stumble or fall if you look away?
  • Are you considered clumsy?
  • Stand with your legs barely touching with your feet pointing towards the front. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath and quickly let it out. Do you start swaying or clunk off to either side. Be careful because some of you will fall over because your system is in dire need of help.

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The wider the stance and the more the feet are pointed out – the more instability your sacroiliac joints are suffering from.

Pelvic Foundation Becomes Unstable

As you go through life events can traumatize or distress the pelvic and temporomandibular joints. Birth trauma starts it off. Fall-down-go-boom would be next continuing throughout life. This causes a bad case of “CB” AKA Crooked Butt. Maybe you do a face plant or get hit in the face. Either way, it doesn’t matter. The satellite signal starts getting scrambled. Inflammation corrodes connective tissue and ligaments holding the sacroiliac joints stable. Add to the influence of excess hormones causing ligaments to lose their elasticity. The pelvis shifts causing a twist (AKA scoliosis or spinal curvature) throughout the body up to the temporomandibular joint. For anyone who is looking to learn more about this condition or suffers from scoliosis and is looking to find treatment options, it may be worth doing some research, as it is not just straight forward.

Category 2 Muscle Irradiation

Category 2 Muscle Irradiation

The separation and stretch of the ligaments stimulates the Category II muscle groups to irradiate muscle contractions though out the body to maintain structural stability. The Category II muscle irradiation is driven by the influence of gravity into the weight bearing sensory nerves of the sacroiliac. This effect is the same principal used by Crossfit and Kettlebell enthusiasts. The principle is called muscle irradiation and works by creating tension in surrounding muscles which increases neuro-muscular recruitment within the target muscles. This principle is described in “Power to the People” by the well-known Russian trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline (you can ask me how to pronounce that!). The difference is the sacroiliac separation causes an involuntary defensive response while those exercising seek to induce the effect to develop more power.

The most profound aspect of gravity induced muscle irradiation is that astronauts do not snore in space. They were able to induce slight snoring when the astronaut wore a EEG cap (much like the tight fitting bathing caps worn by swimmers) to measure brain waves. I previously snored like a freight train until my Category II was corrected. To experience muscle irradiation, you can stand up, relax your body. Shake out your arms and relax them. Now with one hand make a tight fist while keeping the rest of your body relaxed. You will feel the tension creep up from your hand to the elbow. Then the shoulder and across the chest and into the neck. That is muscle irradiation.

The extra stretch in the sacroiliac prompts the psoas/diaphragm muscle to start tightening. This pulls on the esophagus stretching it. Making it hard to swallow in addition to constant stimulation of the production of saliva. This constant drip of saliva neutralizes stomach acid. The abdominal organs are compressed. They now have trouble expanding and contacting which is necessary for proper digestion.

Bowel Gas in Abdomen

Chewing should stimulate digestive chemistry but the twist makes chewing uncomfortable. Digestion begins to suffer. Bacteria ferment food improperly chewed and not chemically digested. Fermentation produces the gas seen in an x-ray. In order for gas to be seen on an x-ray, it must reach atmospheric pressure. That is 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi). That is half a car tire pressure. The exercise balls used in gyms have a pressure of two psi. A 350-pound football player would pop the ball long before the air in the ball could be compressed. Fourteen point seven pounds of pressure in the colon pressed down on by the psoas/diaphragm contraction into the hipbones will stretch the weakened ligaments separating the microgrooves in the sacroiliac providing weight-bearing stability to the pelvis allowing the pelvis to further shift. This stimulate more muscle irradiation. The pain produced by sacroiliac separation is often mistaken for sciatica.

A little gas pressure has tremendous power.

This pelvic twist causes the lumbar disc to twist in the opposite direction to keep your head over your center of gravity. The extra wear and tear on the disc results in a bulging disc. If the pelvis is stabilized using the Sacro Occipital Blocking procedures, disc bulges have an excellent chance or repairing. In the meantime it is recommended that you use natural forms of pain relief, like speed greens, to treat the joint pain as it can be significant.

Organ Function Compromised

Not only are the organs of digestion – stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine, and colon function impaired. The sex organs are compromised. The uterus is suspended from the pelvic hipbones and anchored at the pubic bone. The twist occurring in the pelvis causes the uterus and cervix to twist. The uterus must now cramp to force menstrual flow through the narrowed cervix. Circulation of blood to the pituitary is impaired as the cranial bones torque in response to the pelvic twist. This alters hormone production impacting the monthly cycle and fertility.

Inflammation necessary for healing is increased. Muscles strength weakened from chronic inflammation is compensated for by inflammation stimulating the formation of adhesions wound throughout the body like a spider web. Flexibility begins to suffer. Circulation is reduced not only in the blood but also the lymphatics. Toxins build up in the body. Adrenals go into alarm stage until they become fatigued.

Most doctors practice in a manner that is a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group. Healthcare peer groups partition the body out into the various specialties. All health conditions are then viewed through the prism of their specialties. Every once in a while someone fills the specific criteria for that specialty to have a miracle cure. Only by looking at the complete body can conditions such as Fibromyalgia be understood. At Wellness Alternatives, we evaluate your unique physiology to develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Call us today for your assessment.Concerned about your Health?

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