Living the Nocebo Effect

Disease Diagnosis are not Entities entering your body seeking to do you harm.

And so these Doctors Disputed Loud and Long, Each in his own opinion, Exceeding stiff and strong, Though each was partly in the right, And all were in the wrong! The Blind Men and the Elephant: 1865

Too many people convinced of the “Nocebo Effect” by Professional and Social Media Influencers are unable to see or experience any improvement.

What does “Better” mean to you? Are you on a never-ending-treatment-protocol? What happens if you stop it? If you get worse – You are not “Better”. You are dependent.

Define Better! What Does “BETTER” Mean To You?

Too many times patients get to a point of having to decide whether to be sick or no longer need treatment, decide to stay sick. Mostly due to their Social Media Support Group pulling them back into sickness.

Too many people are convinced by Professional or Social Media Influencers of the futility of health and the inevitability of sickness to support sales of their effectively-ineffective products and treatments.