Fives Stages of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s is a progressive autoimmune condition and the Five stage of Hashimoto’s have been identified.

Stage 1

A person has the immune system imbalance that predisposes them to development of Autoimmune conditions, one of which is Hashimoto’s. For all intents and purposes they do not have thyroid disease or an autoimmune disease. Their thyroid function is normal and there is no attack on the thyroid.

  • Women are more at risk for autoimmune conditions due the monthly fluctuations of their hormones.
  • Women with severe morning sickness have an over active Th17 immune response.


Women with “hip pain”, “sciatica” or “loose ligaments” during the last trimester have an overactive Th17 immune response causing bone marrow edema in the hip bones causing the aforementioned painful conditions. Women put on bed rest during the last trimester have an overactive Th17 immune response. Women that feel better during pregnancy are using their baby’s endocrine glands to support their NEI Supersystem deficiencies. The baby is born with over-worked, underdeveloped endocrine glands that will not be able to support them during adult life. Immune / inflammatory and hormone messengers cross the placenta, which the baby’s immune and endocrine system responds to. The baby is born with an overactive immune system and possible “forbidden” Cytokines are actively disrupting the child’s immune responses. These are the children born with allergic responses or incessant crying.

Stage 2

Oral Bacteria Translocating to Thyroid

Other Non-thyroid Factors begin provoking immune responses towards the thyroid gland. Bacteria can translocate from the mouth to the thyroid. Lectin can damage TSH receptors. Damage occurs to the thyroid gland. These pictures of swollen thyroid gland can show you what the gland looks like when damaged. The immune system moves into to clear the damaged tissue. Because the oral infection is never addressed and eating a diet of non-seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables is considered healthy. The Non-thyroid factors continue to damage the thyroid with the help of the immune cells. A person will have symptoms, but their TSH, T3 and T4 may be normal. But thyroid medication will be demanded and prescribed anyway. At this point the thyroid antibody test may reveal thyroid antibodies are now being produced.

Hashimoto’s Antibody Testing

The current dogma is that Immune cells are stimulated by Antibodies. They believe as long as antibodies are present, the antibodies are constantly stimulating an immune response. They also are lead to believe the presence of antibodies are from an ongoing infection. Typically, IgG antibodies are produced in the first phase of immune responses. However, the immune response to IgA, IgG, and IgM declines or is terminated along the course of the disease in most patients. IgM antibodies are indicative of an ongoing immune response., Studies have shown the detection of IgA and IgM antibodies in 62% and 61% of IgG antibodies in autoimmune patients, and after 7 years.,

A resolution of the disease is not associated with a decrease in antibodies. Only those with a short disease duration are likely to experience a decrease in antibodies levels. For most autoimmune patients there is no significant change in antibody levels, However, patients with immune calming/quieting treatment, experienced a 20% decline in their antibody levels. Normalization in the levels of antibodies with treatment intervention occurs in less that 7% of patients. The success of clinical interventions in lowering antibody levels (and thus likely minimizing the pathogenic effects of autoantibody binding) appears to be dependent on disease duration. The association of shorter disease duration with greater declines in antibody levels is highly consistent with the growing body of evidence that shows improved clinical outcomes with earlier disease intervention in autoimmunity.,,

Approximately one-half of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis had positive IgM-RF and/or antibodies on at least 1 occasion, almost 5 years prior to disease onset. More than 50% of autoimmune patients may have positive antibodies upwards of 13 years after disease resolution, regardless of treatment.

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Stage 4

Ignoring the Non-Thyroid Patterns while taking Thyroid Drugs

Thyroid gland failure occurs when the thyroid gland loses its ability to make thyroid hormones. The thyroid hormone drugs are recognized during hypothalamus sampling. As far as the hypothalamus which controls the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis is concerned, you have all the thyroid hormones you need and there is no need to signal the thyroid gland by producing Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). Thus, it is expected that TSH is low while taking thyroid medications. This makes it a failure to stimulate the production of thyroid hormone problem. If you do not use it, you lose it. Your body sees no need to support unused thyroid tissue.

Too much of the thyroid gland is not maintained when the Non-Thyroid Patterns causing hypothyroidism symptoms are not addressed.

Thyroid Drugs and Supplements

TSH will be low as there is no signals from the Hypothalamus for its production. T3 and T4 numbers will be ambiguous and confusing. Support will continue for the restoration of thyroid gland with confusing results.

Stage 5

Multiple Autoimmune Conditions

Hashimoto’s Autoimmune like all other Autoimmune diseases is not an entity, ghost or poltergeist with the name of the disease that enters your body to cause it harm. Though many treat it as such. All of the Autoimmune disease have ONE thing in common. Your Immune system.

You are expecting Classical and the Immune System is doing Punk Rock.

You are allowed to have multiple autoimmune conditions simultaneously. It is not a matter of which came first. Most Doctors will only offer to test for autoimmune conditions based on their specialty. This leads to multiple Doctor visits, multiple diagnoses, and multiple treatment plans putting you on a slippery slope with a downward spiral.

Until the immune system is brought under control, thyroid supplements and drugs are futile. You do not worry about what color you are painting the kitchen when the house is on fire.