Blue Blockers Stimulate the Chemical of Darkness

Melatonin is the ‘‘Chemical Signal of Darkness’’. Because the duration of melatonin production is the neurochemical signal for the annual change in night length,, wearing Blue Blocker Glasses increases the duration of the “biological night”.

Melatonin Is Linked to Antioxidants in Studies

If the only studies you read are linking melatonin to anti-oxidant and that is your only point-of-view. What could possibly go wrong with artificially increasing Melatonin through supplements or Blue Blocker Glasses. Melatonin like so many other hormones are “dose-dependent”. At “normal’ levels they do their normal duties. When they are too high or too low; the response is totally different and not in a good way.

Quick Summary of Melatonin Effects on the Body

  • Visible light decreases Melatonin levels.
  • Darkness increases Melatonin levels.
    • Blue Blocker Glasses increases Melatonin levels.
  • Melatonin is produced in multiple organs in the body.
  • Naturally occurring Melatonin increases Autoimmune cytokine storms and flairs during the Fall and Winter months.
    • Wearing Blue Blocker Glasses increases the amount of naturally produced Melatonin.
  • Melatonin lowers Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH).
  • Melatonin Increases Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  • Melatonin increases the Th1, Th2 immune response response to antibodies.
  • Melatonin increases Th17 immune response
  • Melatonin increases parasite reproduction.

The amount of blue light in a natural environment varies depending on the time of the day (there is more in the morning) and on the reflecting surface such as snow, grass, water, sand or cement, blue blockers which are cutting all wavelengths below 540 nm are effective in naturalistic condition albeit that proper glasses frame are made to cover all angles. Blue light is also emitted by LEDs commonly found in computer screens meaning that many are exposed to it for long periods of time daily. This can cause in headaches and disruption to sleep routines. Felix Gray have developed glasses to filter blue light and block glare.

Blue Blocker Glasses cutting the blue portion of the light spectrum with orange lens glasses prevent the light-induced melatonin suppression, thereby increasing the production of melatonin. Blue Blocker Glasses represent an elegant means to increase melatonin production.

The immune system shares the same sensitivity to wavelengths as melatonin (as demonstrated by others using phase-shifting protocols,,,,, when these glasses are worn in the morning, greatly impede resynchronization of the biological clock by light.

There is a dose–response relationship between light intensity or irradiance and melatonin suppression.,,, Melatonin suppression is wavelength dependent with a peak sensitivity in the 446–477 nm (blue light) portion of the visible spectrum., Accordingly, it is possible to control the effect of light on the immune system by blocking the blue portion of the visible light.

A person’s prior light history has an impact on melatonin suppression or production., Those suffering from autoimmune disease are more likely to seclude themselves in dark rooms. Unknowingly, increasing their melatonin production and increasing their immune system reactivity.

The capacity of Blue Blocker Glasses to increase melatonin is sufficient to induce maximal melatonin suppression and about the same as encountered easily in the morning while driving.

Melatonin enhances the immune response.,, Melatonin supplementation or melatonin increasing Blue Blocker Glasses of both normal and immunocompromised individuals increases antibody responses and T helper cell activity., Melatonin administration appears to stimulate humoral immunity during early B cell development in the bone marrow. Melatonin has immune-enhancing effects and can exacerbate autoimmunity.