Aloe Vera Juice (32 fl oz) KO

Aloe Vera Juice (32 fl oz) KO

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Aloe Vera Juice is specially processed to avoid the loss of essential vitamins, minerals and other constituents. It nourishes the digestive tract and is great for the skin.


  • Use internally for its soothing properties.
  • Provides nutritional benefits for the intestinal system.

How It Works:

Aloe vera is a nutritional storehouse. It also contains salicylate and prostaglandins. Aloe nutritionally benefits the intestinal system and is widely used for its ability to soothe when taken internally. Many companies manufacture aloe vera, but most products on the market have lost much of the plant’s original benefits due to over-processing. Beware of aloe vera juice that claims to have no disagreeable taste. Removing this taste can leave you with a product that is only 10–15 percent aloe vera at best.

NSP Whole Leaf Aloe Vera provides a higher level of mucopolysaccharides than regular filleted aloe vera. Only the intense cleansing components have been removed, leaving a high level of mucopolysaccharides (7,000 mg per liter).


Aloe vera inner leaf juice concentrate and purified water.

Recommended Use:

Drink two fluid ounces (60 mL) one to three times daily.