Dr. Dave’s Patient Pledge

Dr. Dave’s Patient Pledge

I pledge to look at the person seeking my assistance in restoring their health as a unique individual with their own unique set of circumstances and organ dysfunction creating symptom ubiquitous to a wide variety of diagnosis.

I pledge not to be moved or effected by Professional or Social Media Influencers, Dr. Google, Dr. Facebook or the ever-evolution of Diagnosis du Jour promulgated by bought and paid ads using algorithms to divert people needing help to the aforementioned websites.

I pledge to rely on my own independent research and analysis.

I pledge to recognize to the best of my abilities when a real disease condition is present.

I pledge to recognize Fake Fad Diagnosis for what it is and to call it as such. Even when algorithms have convinced those that need help to accept the Fake Fad Diagnosis as their fate.

They have lost the ability to think independently.

I pledge to be independent of the Group Think when reviewing your health condition.

  • Dr. Peterson follows the information, Not the Professional or Social Media Influencers.
  • Dr. Peterson is free of any preconceived notions about your condition to the best of his abilities.
  • Dr. Peterson recognizes it is difficult to stay out of the riptide of Internet Algorithms.
  • Dr. Peterson “Red Teams” all the Diagnosis du Jour(s) and popular treatment protocols.

Red Team – tenth man doctrine When all involved are united in believing that something is true. The tenth man must argue to opposite is true. The tenth man must put together a compelling argument that the opposite is true.

RED TEAMING – Bryce G. Hoffman

Patient Fees & Pricing

The in depth, Functional Medicine care provided through Wellness Alternatives goes far beyond what traditional insurance will cover, and is labeled as “preventative and wellness” by them. Thus we do not take insurance.

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