The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues

Oral Bacteria Are Both Invasive Species and Keystone Pathogens Causing Chronic Systemic Health Problems. 

Oral bacteria are linked to gynecological / pregnancy problems. Chronic Yeast infections, vaginosis, miscarriage, pre-term births, and much more. However, Dentists and Gynecologist do not attend the same conferences or read the other scientific literature. The link between Oral Microbes and miscarriage, endometriosis or yeast infections is never contemplated. This can lead to years of mistreatment and unnecessary expenses for useless treatment.

It’s not news that there is a significant link between one’s oral health and overall health. Oral health problems can cause more than just pain and suffering. Oral bacteria can lead to chronic systemic health issues sending people on a never ending quest for a new Doctor with a new diagnosis followed by a new treatment. 

Oral Bacteria can be a constant source of Invasive Species / Keystone Pathogens into the body. These bacteria can create problems in other parts of the body and are rarely considered as the cause of chronic health issues. 

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