• MicrobeLink DX from a Patient with Breast Cancer. 

    One of the told me today that he would address the oral microbes after clearing their patients "hormonal" issues. Really??? Are they having a different success with hormonal symptoms? Since they are calling me asking for advise on how to treat hormonal symptoms, I thinking their success sucks. 

    How about taking care of the Oral Microbes first. Then see what is left to clear up. Happy people are much easier to work with. 

  • The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues

    Oral bacteria are linked to gynecological / pregnancy problems. Chronic Yeast infections, vaginosis, miscarriage, pre-term births, and much more.
  • Which Hormone Chart is Your Doctor Using?

    Ignore the torn out hormones. These hormones are not important enough to even be considered. Yes, they are hormones and the arrows are enzymes that convert upstream hormones into downstream hormones. Ignore them too.