What are the Symptoms of Insulin Resistance?

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Insulin Resistance causes many symptoms easily diagnosed as many other conditions.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Fatigue. Sometimes the fatigue is physical, but often it is mental. 

  • Muscles, nerves, brain, and all other parts of the body require oxygen and glucose to function efficiently. Insulin Resistance deprives all of them of the necessary oxygen and glucose. 
  • RBC agglutination slows blood flow to the muscles, nerves and all parts of the body. RBC agglutination causes RBCs to shed oxygen. Further depriving all of the body of oxygen and glucose. 

Brain fogginess and inability to focus. 

  • Brain requires oxygen and glucose to function efficiently. Insulin Resistance deprives the brain of the necessary oxygen and glucose. 
  • RBC agglutination slows blood flow to the muscles, nerves and all parts of the body.
  • RBC agglutination causes RBCs to shed oxygen. Further depriving all of the body of oxygen and glucose. 


  • When the brain is deprived of oxygen and glucose, brain function slows down, going into power saver mode creating the symptoms of “depression”. 
  • Brain requires oxygen and glucose to function efficiently. Insulin Resistance deprives the brain of the necessary oxygen and glucose.  
  • RBC agglutination slows blood flow to the brain. Further depriving the brain of oxygen and glucose. 

Nerve Pain – Blood/Nerve Reciprocity

  • Nerves and all other parts of the body require oxygen and glucose to function efficiently. Insulin Resistance deprives all of them of the necessary oxygen and glucose. 
  • All nerves depend wholly upon the arterial system for their oxygen and glucose and the quality of their function, such as sensation, signal transmission and motion.
  • A loss of blood flow results in nerve cell deterioration and ultimately in nerve death starting within minutes. A deteriorating nerve send pain signals to the brain.
  • RBC agglutination slows blood flow to the nerves and all parts of the body.

High Blood Sugar

  • Mild, brief periods of low blood sugar are normal during the day, especially if meals are not eaten on a regular schedule. But prolonged hyperglycemia with some of the symptoms listed here, especially physical and mental fatigue, are not normal. 
  • Feeling agitated, jittery, moody, nauseated, or having a headache is common in Insulin Resistance, without immediate relief once food is eaten.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don’t respond in a good way to insulin and can’t use glucose from your blood for energy. To make up for it, your pancreas attempts to make more insulin. Over time, your blood sugar levels go up, unless the high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting or dietary restriction, i.e. food allergies/sensitivities, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc. 

Why is your body not responding to insulin?

It is always assumed that the pancreas is producing an adequate quantity and quality of insulin. This may be accurate initially. However, as alkaline-activated pancreatic enzymes are activated within the pancreas, these enzymes begin digesting the insulin and glucagon producing endocrine cells. These enzyme them have access into the blood stream where they being breaking down the connective elastic lining of the blood vessels.

insulin resistance many common symptoms

You could be insulin resistant for years without knowing it. This condition causes ubiquitous symptoms that are common to more popular conditions, i.e. Low Thyroid, PCOS, Low T, High Cholesterol, etc. You can’t tell that you have insulin resistance by how you feel. The symptoms are common to all the popular hormone and cholesterol conditions.

Insulin resistance is often present for up to 10 years or more before an “official” diagnosis of Diabetes. Many never develop Type 2 Diabetes but suffer for decades from insulin resistance. Especially, those with long-term dietary restrictions. That is a long time to do nothing about it. It is also a long time for you to do something about it.

Waiting results in more prescriptions per person.

It is money in the bank for Doctors, Hospitals and Drug Companies to overlook Insulin Resistance, AKA: Pre-Diabetes. While you wait, they can prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy, Thyroid Hormone Replacement, Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Pain Relieving Drugs before they get to the real cash cow – Diabetes. Most will never develop Diabetes, but they will have you on these drugs for the remainder of your life unless you take action. Insulin Resistance and all of the ubiquitous symptoms are easily reversed. But they will never tell you that. Follow the money.

But My Blood Sugar Is Low Normal!

How many people are restricting their diet because of Professional and Social Media Influencer diet recommendations?

People with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance also can have low or normal blood sugars, if their high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting or dietary restriction, e.g. food allergy/sensitivities, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc. 

A Medical View of the Coronavirus – Notes/Critique/Comments

Notes/Critique/Comments on the Podcast

3:14 Selenium levels

Selenium – decreases virus susceptibility. How much does one take?

Brazil Nuts – Strongest source 6-9 nuts / “Month”; during viral episodes – 6 per week. How many people are going to start pounding down Brazil Nuts? How will they feel from it?

I know how you all operate. You are not the first and will not be the last to over-indulge in a “good” thing.

Selenium Toxicity – nausea, abdominal pain. Sound a lot like virus/flu symptoms. Maybe those who are taking Selenium for the thyroid or hair loss are creating their ubiquitous symptoms.

11:17 facemask

Most helpful if your surrounded by people living in areas with cases reported. 

13.45 Hand sanitizer

Carry with you – Wipe things down.

14:26 Robust immune system

Recommends stimulating the immune system with Zinc, selenium, boost lymphocyte activity.  With all those recommendations from Professional and Social Media Influencers, Medical, Alternative and Functional providers all recommending boosting, stimulating and/or strengthening the immune system. Why are all these people following their recommendations having more and more immune challenges? (See 19:50 Increasing Immune Cells)

Suppression – poor diet, sugar

Colostrum – immune stimulator, works in gut (See 19:50 Increasing Immune Cells)

19:50 Increasing Immune Cells

Very few Healthcare providers ever consider or talk about Memory Cells and Naïve cells or the life cycle of immune cells. No mention was made in this podcast or by any professional or social media influencer. It is always just the collective “Immune System”.

CD 38 cells marker for the age of the immune system.

CD4 Old Programmed immune cell / CD8 New Naïve Un-programmed immune cell

CD4, CD8, CD38 tests only show the “NUMBER” of immune cells. These tests do not show if the immune cells are fatigued, dormant, working normal, aggravated, or over-stimulated.

The more helper cells the younger, more naive the immune cells. The older the immune system, they more the immune cells are running on previous programing and unable to respond to new threats. 

Our immune system has an incredible ability; it can remember infections it has already encountered, and when the body has another encounter with the invader, the response from the immune system is rapid and efficient. While some of the details of this process are understood, many questions remain and memory cells are rarely mentioned by healthcare providers. When in fact, some of the same immune cells that battle the original infection hang around, remaining alive for years. Those cells develop unique characteristics that enable them to spring into action if the invader returns.

It is critical to almost all functions of the immune response is the activation and programming of T cells from their naïve/resting state. A T cell that is capable of providing immune protection, first requires “activation” by the programing of the naïve T cell on what to attack.

Naïve immune cells must be programmed to new threats. That’s why they are called naïve. They have a lack of experience from previous exposure. They are rookie responders that must be told what their job is. As soon as they are programmed, their biologic clock starts ticking. Most Naïve immune cells are programmed to die so they do not continue the attack after the threat is gone.

Infections and vaccines stimulate the immune system, causing cells that have never been used, naïve cells, to start reproducing, generating a pool of cells that can fight invaders. Some will become Memory Cells. The memory cell pool shrinks over time, and long-term memory cells are created. They are meant to provide protection over a much longer period.

These cells are like veteran soldiers, camped in the blood and tissues where they have previously fought the battles, waiting for a virus or bacteria to show up. They are resting quietly, but they are deeply experienced, ready to spring into action and primed to respond wildly and attack aggressively if invaders return.

Constantly revving up the immune system fatigues the immune response, making it slow to respond when it is needed. 

Constant immune stimulation shrinks the memory cell pool, leaving the body vulnerable to invaders. Constant immune stimulation programs new naive immune cells to old threat information, reducing the number of naive immune cells available for programming to new invader threats.

Example: Person has old knee injury which damaged collagen. It is the immune systems duty to clean up the frayed collagen. Naive immune cells are programmed to remove frayed collagen bits and the knee injury is healed. Some of the programed naive cells become memory cells which respond quickly and aggressively to collagen bits. The same person reads on the internet how collagen is beneficial in the body and is constantly consuming collagen supplement. Plus, is taking immune stimulants. Immune stimulants make memory cells more hostile to collagen in the body where ever it is found throughout the entire body. The person wonders why they have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  




21:50 After age 65 living on residual immune system. 

At that age, most have a history of repeatedly taking immune suppressing drugs. Depletion of memory cells and/or memory cells have been programmed not to respond.

23:46 Jumps around all the barriers.

There is a for lack of better words and energy that spreads amongst the population where those not exposed start developing an immune response. This allow survival of the species. 

Hundredth Monkey Effect

The hundredth monkey effect is a phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is said to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.

24:30 Viruses play out as season changes. 

Increased melatonin during winter stimulates Th17, which creates flu/viral symptoms. After Winter Solstice, natural melatonin production decreases.

Coronavirus heat susceptible. 

Americans spend 98% of their time indoors. Can you say – Vitamin D deficiency?

27:39 family nursing homes

See 21:50

29:11 SARS / H1N1

Media designed around “If it bleeds, it leads”. Media protects their political darlings. 

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel

Amygdala cannot tell virtual reality from reality. Whatever you perceive you will achieve.

Important not to continually stimulate the Amygdala with fearful, self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Everyone need to take a breath and relax in this weird time we live in. In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of information – most of it hype – about the Coronavirus. 

COVID 19 is a rather unique virus. 

Most usually concentrate on the Immune system AFTER the infection, after ACTIVATION has already occurred. Rather than preventing the infection by strengthening the membranes through which the virus enters the body. 

Most viral entry occurs via broken membrane walls.

COVID has a unique method (man made) to attach to 2 different cell proteins to gain entry.

  1. The first is through a Vit D sensitive receptor. 

Most Americans spend 98% of their time indoors leading to a Vitamin D deficiency.

This receptor site the virus tries to enter into is closed with High D3 levels.

  • Increase your Vitamin D intake. Get out side. 
Many people are asking me what they can use for prevention of Coronavirus. These can be ordered using the Doctor’s Supplement Store button.
I recommend the Liposomal Vitamin C by Designs For Health and Vitamin D for preventative measures. For Vitamin D and calming the immune system, I recommend the Ultra D 5000, Turmero Active, Resvero Active from Apex Energetics. Contact the office to order this product.
 1Designs for Health, Liposomal Vitamin C, 4 fl oz (120 ml)
 This is for prevention of the Coronavirus. 
Take 5 ml (approx. 1 teaspoon) and hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Refrigerate upon receipt. Use within 30 days of opening.
 1Wise Woman Herbals, Lomatium Dis., 2 fl oz (60 ml)
 This is not used as a preventative for the Coronavirus or other viral diseases. This is a take it – when you got it. 
Take 10-30 drops, 1-4 times a day.

2. The other is a Furin cleavage site which is commonly present on ALL cells. This furin-like cleavage site may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population.

This is an easy initial entry point.. aka “highly infectious”, but then met with an onslaught of an immune response, AKA “Cytokine Storm” stimulated by the TH17 immune system.

This is what is killing people..

Then, the body needs to RECOGNIZE the Pathogens and CONJUGATE them in order to PRESENT them to Macrophages.

  • This is where Vitamin C, Lomatium and again D3 play roles.

But again, COVID has a unique ability to gain entry. It IS highly infectious. But easily handled by a Healthy Immune system response..

Cases in the USA are matching those of Italy. A google search as of Mar. 15, 2020 shows only late February news. This indicates the number of cases are declining. Not good for the Fear Mongering News.

Because of this, the CASE numbers, ARE going to spike in the next 2 weeks. Especially with increased testing. But then the “Lethality” numbers will drop. However, more mild cases will be recognized.

Those with LOW D3 are most susceptible, 

Then those with poor Immune Responses, LOW antioxidant status will be most susceptible. 

Yes we can support OUR clients and patients and ourselves. By calming and quieting the immune response. (See 19:50 Increasing Immune Cells)

But most out there are clueless..

They continue to support a stimulation of the immune response. A person with an impaired immunoglobulin response will have an impaired stimulated immune response. It will be an inappropriate immune response. Yes, some will get lucky and it will do the job. For others it could make things worse as an over-fatigued immune system being stimulated can collapse and fail. Leaving the virus unchecked to enter the body. 

A calm, quiet and rested immune system responds appropriately. Vitamin C and Vitamin D will help with prevention by building walls to keep the virus out. 

Looking at Worldwide Trends, especially Europe, there WILL be a spike in the USA over the next 2 weeks (Mar. 14, 2020), and sadly, the News Media will exploit it and the USA will go crazy. (Watch what happens in Europe)

There is nothing WE can do about that.

Individual acts of defiance may make us feel better, but the world is gonna do what it’s gonna do. We can’t stop that. And we don’t want to put anyone in a situation that makes their lives more stressful than necessary. 

That is not helpful either.

This will be over in 90 days.

So just ride it out.

Early or Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Subclinical hypothyroidism, also called low thyroid or hypothyroidism is diagnosed when thyroid hormone levels are with normal reference range but TSH is mildly elevated. 

If the hypothalamus is getting a poor sampling of thyroid hormones in the blood, messages are sent hormonally in the blood to the pituitary that the thyroid isn’t doing its job. The pituitary will pump out extra TSH, giving the thyroid notice to produce more thyroid hormones. Primary Hypothyroidism is a true thyroid dysfunction and is the only pattern that can be effectively managed through thyroid replacement hormones or short-term dosage of iodine supplementation.  

Thyroid disorders are more common among women than men. Dr. David Peterson at Wellness Alternatives says, 

“Sex dependent hormonal fluctuations occur in women due to pregnancy, menopause, contraceptive use, and hormonal replacement therapy. Because hormone surges can occur, these contributing factors make women 7 times more likely to develop a thyroid condition than men. The body can interpret a hormone surge as an alarm to turn on or off other important signaling in the body that can lead to faulty thyroid function.” 

David Peterson, DC
  • Early or Subclinical Hypothyroidism is the only time to use Iodine or Selenium to restore normal Thyroid Function.
    • Primary Hypothyroidism is a thyroid treatable condition.

If the only lab tests run are only thyroid markers. There is no way anything other contributors to “low thyroid” symptoms can be considered. 

Other Causes of Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Other causes of borderline hypothyroidism include mild thyroid failure due to thyroid surgery, previous radio iodine therapy and external radiation therapy as well as temporary subclinical hypothyroidism after pregnancy or silent and subacute thyroiditis. 

Great Cavities of the Body

The mobility of the ‘Great Cavities’ shown below (spine and brain / chest / abdomen/pelvis) is strongly related to Category 2 Distortion Pattern (Cat. 2). The Great Cavities contain the bodies life-sustaining organs that are negatively affecting by increasing Cat. 2 stiffness leading to decreased Core Mobility.

The Abdominal Brain uses NeuroEndocrine Transmitter, i.e. serotonin, GABA, Dopamine; to control blood flow in the body.

The Abdominal Brain is located immediately in front of the spine as shown below. The Abdominal Brain control the blood supply to the spine. Any change in the blood flow to the spine results in spinal stiffness. Spinal stiffness defines stiffness of the body’s core.

The Abdominal brain is wrapped around every major artery in the body. The abdominal brain is located immediately in front of the spine as shown below. Aortic Stiffness is a surrogate marker for Cat. 2 stiffness. Cat. 2 stiffness defines stiffness of the body’s core.

The Diaphragm muscle has a curvature that exactly matches the superior curvatures of the liver, stomach, spleen and kidneys. With each breath, the diaphragm compresses and then releases pressure on the soft and sponge-like organs. This compression/release cycle supports organ microcirculation, organ function and overall health.

With increasing spinal and chest wall stiffness there is decreased psoas/diaphragmatic excursion on a breath by breath basis. This affects organ microcirculation. The greater the Category 2 Distortion Pattern, the less the psoas/diaphragmatic excursion breath by breath. In addition, with decreased respiratory diaphragmatic excursion there is a lessening of the negative intrathoracic pressure generated on inspiration with less motive force to return blood and lymphatic fluid to the heart.

The body is a connected and organized structure physically and physiologically.

Aortic Stiffness is well known to predict the risk of death from all causes. The relationship between Aortic Stiffness, Category 2 Distortion Pattern and Core Mobility is central to an understanding of this relationship.

There are very clear cardiovascular consequences of Category 2 Distortion Pattern on Aortic Stiffness including Essential Hypertension, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, reduced Diastolic Coronary arterial flow and peak systolic pressures damaging cerebral blood vessel intimae surfaces.

Circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid is an especially relevant topic. Circulation of CSF is largely dependent on respiratory-based pressure changes. With decreased diaphragmatic excursion occurring with the Category 2 Distortion Pattern, there will be as a result reduced Core Mobility, reduced CSF flow and reduction in Chorionic Villi mediated CSF resorption and secretion. CSF is completely replaced four times daily and Core Mobility is important in this process.

Hepatic Portal Hypertension causing brain ischemia is the leading risk factor for Dementia. As blood pools in the Abdominal Cavity, there is reduced blood flowing to the brain (ischemia). The consequence of this is reduced oxygen delivery to the brain (blood / nerve reciprocity) and subsequent neural degeneration.