Alkaline-Activated Enzymes Liquify Food

The Stomach acid and acid-activated enzymes combined with the Alkaline bile and pancreatic alkaline-activated enzymes plus gallbladder alkaline bile to liquify food in order for the nutrition to be extracted and absorbed.

Yes, this included the alkaline foods many are eating. Unfortunately, many are under the assumption that eating “alkaline” foods are going to make their body “Alkaline”. All food must undergo chemical breakdown to extract the nutrition from it.

This brings into question what happens when those “alkalizing” with baking soda or alkaline water. In addition to those taking Antacids (Tums, Prevacid, Gaviscon) or Acid Blocker or Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) Pepcid, Tagamet, Zantac are either neutralizing or stopping stomach acid production. Anyone who has ever attended a Chemistry class should know that mixing a large amount of Alkaline with an Acid dilutes and neutralizes the Acid.

When there is NO Stomach Acid caused by repeatedly ALKALIZING – There is No Release of Alkaline-Activated Pancreatic enzymes. Without these enzymes, as much as 60 per cent of the fat entering the small intestine may be unabsorbed, as well as one third to one half of the proteins and carbohydrates. As a result, large portions of the ingested food cannot be used for nutrition.

It is important that the proteolytic enzymes of the pancreatic juice not become activated until after they have been secreted into the intestine because the trypsin and the other enzymes would digest the pancreas itself.

When the stomach is repeatedly alkalized or the pancreas is damaged and/or a duct becomes blocked, large quantities of pancreatic enzymes become pooled in the damaged areas of the pancreas. Under these conditions, the effect of trypsin inhibitor is overwhelmed, in which case the pancreatic secretions rapidly become activated and can start digesting the insulin producing cells of the pancreas first, giving rise to the condition called Insulin Resistance. 

At a pH of 8.5 – 9.5, the stomach acid and acid-activated enzymes from the stomach are no longer active. The stomach acid kills the alkaline – loving bacteria, parasites and fungi. Alkaline – loving microbes cause the most serious disease conditions. The pancreas juices and bile kills the acid – loving bacteria (Acidophilus – acid / philus – loving), parasites, and fungi. This leaves the stomach, duodenum and jejunum in a virtually sterile environment with very few bacteria able to survive in that terrain.

This is how alkalinity supports the breakdown and liquefaction of food into chime.

All food must undergo chemical breakdown to extract the nutrition from it.

Chyme or chymus is the semi-fluid mass of partly digested food that is expelled by the stomach, through the pyloric valve, into the duodenum (the beginning of the small intestine). The chyme that enters the small intestine from the stomach should be acidic due to secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Acid-activated enzymes also play a role in the stomach to liquify and emulsify food.

Chyme results from the mechanical and chemical breakdown of a bolus and consists of partially digested food, water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-activated digestive enzymes produced by the stomach. Chyme slowly passes through the pyloric sphincter and into the duodenum (first part of the small intestine), where the extraction of nutrients begins. Depending on the quantity and contents of the meal, the stomach will digest the food into chyme in anywhere between 40 minutes to a few hours. In the small intestine another set of alkaline-activated enzymes from the pancreas are stimulated hormonally to be released. But only when Acid is sensed in the small intestine.

No Acid – No Release of Alkaline-Activated Pancreatic enzymes.

Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology

Because these pancreatic alkaline-activated enzyme are so caustic. The body defends itself by releasing the pancreatic enzyme and bile only if food is acidic entering the small intestine.

With a pH of approximately 2, chyme emerging from the stomach is very acidic. The duodenum secretes a hormone, cholecystokinin (CCK) into the blood, which causes the gall bladder to contract, releasing alkaline bile into the duodenum. The duodenum of small intestine receives bile juice via the hepatic duct. It is secreted by the liver and stored and concentrated in the gall bladder. This contains bile salts which not only neutralize the acidic chyme but also serve other functions like emulsification of lipids and fats.

The duodenum simultaneously secretes the hormone Secretin into the blood, causes the release of digestive juices and enzymes from the pancreas. Without the proper pH of 2 diluted to a ph of ~4, the pancreatic enzymes will remain trapped in the pancreas. A single H+ cation can chain activate the enzymes within the pancreas. The 99% of the exocrine pancreatic cells that produce the enzymes are protected from the enzymes. However, the 1% of endocrine pancreas cells that produce insulin are not. The endocrine cells are constantly being damaged and destroyed by the enzymes resulting in insulin resistance symptoms. There is a constant need for their replacement.

The duodenum is a short section of the small intestine located between the stomach and the rest of the small intestine. The duodenum also produces the hormone secretin to stimulate the pancreatic secretion of large amounts of sodium bicarbonate, which then raises pH of the chyme to 8.5 to 9.5. The combination of the alkaline enzymes and the alkaline pH liquefies the bolus of food into the semi-fluid chime.

The chyme then moves through the jejunum and the ileum, where digestion and absorption progresses, and the nonuseful portion continues onward into the large intestine. The duodenum is protected by a thick layer of mucus and the neutralizing the alkaline actions of the sodium bicarbonate and bile.

This then leads into the further breakdown of the nutrients still present by anaerobic bacteria upon reaching the large intestine (colon), which at the same time help to package the remains for elimination. These bacteria also help synthesize vitamin B and vitamin K, which will be absorbed along with other nutrients.

Marc R. Yago, Adam R. Frymoyer, et. al. Gastric Reacidification with Betaine HCl in Healthy Volunteers with Rabeprazole-Induced Hypochlorhydria. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2013 10 (11), 4032-4037

After gastric pH > 4 was confirmed for 15 min, 1500 mg of betaine HCl was given orally with 90 mL of water and gastric pH was continuously monitored for 2 h. Betaine HCl significantly lowered gastric pH by 4.5 (±0.5) units from 5.2 (±0.5) to 0.6 (±0.2) (P < 0.001) during the 30 min interval after administration. The onset of effect of betaine HCl was rapid, with a mean time to pH < 3 of 6.3 (±4.3) min. The reacidification period was temporary with a gastric pH < 3 and < 4 lasting 73 (±33) and 77 (±30) min, respectively.

Melatonin Induces Circadian Phase Shift

The rise and fall of Melatonin induces Circadian Phase Shifts. Lower lengths of sunlight produces higher levels of melatonin.

Melatonin is primarily thought to be found only in the pineal gland. Melatonin is mainly produced in the pineal gland during the dark phase (night). Its secretion from the pineal gland has been classically associated with circadian and circanual rhythm regulation. However, melatonin production is not confined exclusively to the pineal gland, but other tissues including retina, Harderian glands, gut (400x more that pineal gland), ovary (200X more than gut), testes, bone marrow, thymus and bone marrow of humans and lens also produce it.

Most studies continue to erroneously view Melatonin as the “Sleep Hormone”. There is a dose–response relationship between light intensity or irradiance and melatonin production. A person’s prior light history has an impact on melatonin suppression or production.  Those suffering from autoimmune disease are more likely to seclude themselves in dark rooms. Unknowingly, increasing their melatonin production and increasing their immune system hyper-reactivity.

The sun rises later in the fall and winter and nightfall arrives much easier and this disrupts the timing of melatonin release some patients with autoimmune inflammation, Metabolic syndrome,,  Seasonal Affective Disorder, or producing disruptions to reproductive health and fertility. The seasonal fluctuations of melatonin coincides with the activity of the immune system, possibly allowing the body to anticipate and handle microbial threats more efficiently.

A circadian phase shift occurs when one or more daily circadian rhythms are disrupted in the fall and winter months as the days grow shorter and the nights are longer. Another phase shift occurs during the spring and summer as the opposite occurs. In these situations, one rhythm, e.g. enhance immune response, lags behind or pushes ahead of another rhythm, e.g. decreased Vitamin D production, results in increased inflammation.

After the Summer Solstice – More Melatonin is Produced

After the June Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or the December Solstice (Southern Hemisphere), patients call because they are having more flairs or cytokine storms. They ask why they were feeling good and happy with their progress; and three to four weeks after the Solstice, they are regressing back to their original condition. It is due to the increased production of melatonin as the days get shorter. Yes, that little bit of increased production of melatonin causes that big of a change in their body.

WARNING: If the Summer solstice is rapidly approaching. Many people will start start having some flair ups. It amazes me how the melatonin produced by an additional six minutes of darkness after the Summer Solstice can provoke cytokine storms. The four supplements mentioned above will help dampen this affect.

Thyroid Underconversion

Thyroid Under-Conversion due to Inflammation

Thyroid Under-Conversion occurs when the cell membranes of the body are damaged due to chronic infection or inflammation. Many fail to recognize inflammation is the result of an immune response. Many more continue to blame only the thyroid.

Inflammation and Immune Response are not separate issues.

Oxidative stress can cause lipid peroxidation. Oxidative stress is a natural byproduct of the use of oxygen by biological systems. It is also caused by various biological processes such as inflammation, immune reactions, and detoxification processes. Unsaturated fatty acids (especially in cell membranes) are very susceptible to damage by oxidative stress. This damage results in lipid peroxidation (literally – ‘fat oxidation’). Antioxidants (especially vitamin E) work to prevent excessive levels of oxidative stress in cell membranes and therefore, help prevent lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxides can lead to damage to DNA. DNA damage can contribute to the risk of developing various cancers.

If a patient is found in adrenal uncoupling , the enzyme responsible for converting thyroid hormones has been down-regulated for prior exposure to elevated cortisol.

Low Testosterone in Men

How many different forms of Estrogen are there?

First, I want you to understand, I screwed my health up by hormone replacement. I failed to ask the following questions:

  • Does Testosterone stay as Testosterone in the body?
  • Does Testosterone convert to downstream Estrogen?
  • What does Estrogen do to a man’s body?
Healthcare providers – Medical, Chiropractic, Functional and Alternative practitioners all use this chart for Male Hormones. Ignoring the tear-outs, which they assume (ass / u / me) are not involved in the male body.

The above chart shows the hormones typically involved in men’s health. What about the rest of the hormones? Most Healthcare providers are overwhelmed by the complete hormone chart shown below. Do you see any difference between the two charts?

While at a Functional Endocrinology Seminar, I asked what Etiocholanolone was and what it did. The Functional Neurologist presenter said he did not know and because the primary developer and author of the course never wrote about it. It is not important to understand.

Dr. Dave

Insulin Resistance Causes “Low T” in Men

While Insulin Resistance Causes “Low T” in Men. Insulin Resistance causes “High T” in women.

People with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance also can have low or normal blood sugars, if their high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting or dietary restriction. So it is never considered.

Peer Groups include Professional and Social Media Influencers. Who are too busy promoting the popular Diagnosis du Jour memes and Fake Fad Diagnosis to drive product sales.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

  • Fatigue.
  • Brain fogginess and inability to focus. Sometimes the fatigue is physical, but often it is mental.
  • People with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance also can have low or normal blood sugars, if their high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting or dietary restriction.
  • High blood sugar. Mild, brief periods of low blood sugar are normal during the day, especially if meals are not eaten on a regular schedule. But prolonged hyperglycemia with some of the symptoms listed here, especially physical and mental fatigue, are not normal.
  • Red Blood Cell aggregation has been consistently associated with insulin resistance.
  • Feeling agitated, jittery, moody, nauseated, or having a headache is common in Insulin Resistance, without immediate relief once food is eaten.
  • Intestinal bloating. Most intestinal gas produced from dysbiosis.
  • Insulin Resistance sufferers who eat carbohydrates suffer from gas, lots of it.
  • Sleepiness. Many people with Insulin Resistance get sleepy immediately after eating a meal exceeding their Carbohydrate Tolerance.
  • Fatigue after meals, craving sugar after meals, must have dessert:
    • Cut back on carbs until you are no longer sleepy after meals and/or do not crave sugar after eating.
  • Weight gain, fat storage, difficulty losing weight. The fat in IR is generally stored around the midsection in both males and females.
  • Increased cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • When triglycerides are equal to or greater than cholesterol suspect Diabetes.
  • Increased blood pressure. It is a fact that most people with hypertension have too much insulin and are Insulin Resistant. It is often possible to show a direct relationship between the level of insulin and blood pressure: as insulin levels elevate, so does blood pressure.
  • Depression. Because carbohydrates are a natural “downer,” depressing the brain, it is not uncommon to see many depressed persons who also have Insulin Resistance.
The effects Insulin Resistance causes in the body are overlooked, because there is no drug (money to be made) for it. Insulin Resistance is easy to reverse (no money to be made). So they wait for it to progress to Diabetes before they do anything. Can you say Cha-Ching? Then they have a life long cash machine.

So, what does estrogen do in males? The most common symptoms of high estrogen in men include these eight:

  • Sexual dysfunction (low libido, decreased morning erections, decreased erectile function)
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Increased abdominal fat (can also be a symptom of low estrogen)
  • Feeling tired
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Emotional disturbances, especially depression
  • Enhances Insulin Resistance and the associated symptoms

Insulin Resistance Cause Red Blood Cells to Stick Together.

When Red Blood Cells stick together. They shed their oxygen. They cannot make the turn into capillaries. Which even if they did, the Red Blood Cells are not carrying a full load of oxygen. Thus the symptoms below.

Symptoms of Red Blood Cell Aggregation

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fogginess and inability to focus
  • Nerve pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Numbness and tingling in arms and legs
  • Muscle cramping
Hormones traveling through the blood stream are constantly sampled by the Hypothalamus in the Brain.

Alkalizing Diets Support Disease Causing Alkaline Loving Bacteria.

Disease Causing Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi Thrive in an Alkaline Environment. Alkalizing Diets Support Disease Causing Alkaline Loving Bacteria. It is a fact, that disease causing microorganisms (bacteria, parasites, and fungi) harmful to the human body grow best in an ALKALINE environment. This fact is ignored by those promoting “Alkalizing” for better health. This is particularly interesting in the light of the evidence that human beings have an instinct, which leads them to seek an acid intake.


Pathogenic Microorganism preferring an Alkaline Environment

  • Staphylococcus 7.4 – alkaline
  • Streptococcus 7.4 to 7.6 – alkaline
  • Pneumococcus 7.6 to 7.8 – alkaline
  • H. Influenza 7.8 – alkaline
  • Meningococcus 7.4 to 7.6 – alkaline
  • Gonococcus Corymbacterium diptheriae 7.2 – alkaline
  • B. abortus 7.2 to 7.4 – alkaline
  • B. tularemae 6.8 to 7.3 – alkaline
  • Clostridium tetani 7.0 to 7.6 – alkaline

In the light of the above evidence, it seems reasonable to suspect that pathogenic bacteria, which are harmful to the body, are in the world for another purpose than to cause sickness in human beings. Nature has spread acid vegetation about with a lavish hand apparently to prevent infestation of the body with pathogenic microorganisms, turning into infection of the body by these same microorganisms. Instinctually leading animals and humans to seek acid vegetation and acid liquids as protection.

Oral | Periodontal Health

Some of the pathogens found in root canals and cavitations are considered normal flora for the oral cavity. They are foreign invaders in the gut or blood stream. The question arises – how can normal oral flora be pathological? Simple. Alteration in gene expression. The oral cavity has a fluctuating pH of:

  • 6 – 6.8 exposure to fermentable carbohydrates
    • Kills Alkaline-loving-gingivitis causing bacteria
  • 9-7.1 neutral mouth
  • 7.2 – 7.4 smelling food, when hungry
    • Kills Acid-loving-cavity causing bacteria

Blood has a pH of 7.35. When bacteria pass from the oral cavity into the blood stream, bacterial genes are turned on as the pH becomes more alkaline rising above 7.0. This stimulates harmless bacteria to now produce pathogenic toxins in the blood circulating throughout your body.

Stomach acid produced in adequate quantities first responsibility is to kill Alkaline-loving bacteria. Then next would involve the chemical digestion of food. The third would be to stimulate the release of the very alkaline bile and pancreas juices causing a alkaline shift in the digestive chemistry, which kills the Acid-loving bacteria and to further facilitate the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. This flip-flop of digestive chemistry keeps the number of bacteria low in the Small Intestine preventing bacterial overgrowth.

Over the Counter and Prescription advertisements have done a good job in convincing us that the stomach over-produces stomach acid. When in reality the opposite is true. Without stomach acid to stimulate their release, pancreatic enzyme make their way into the arteries surrounding the esophagus causing the burning associated with the so-called “Acid-Reflux”.

With poor quantities of stomach acid, limited quantities of bile and pancreas juices are release. This lack of digestive chemistry production and release allows bacteria to overgrow in the small intestine. Oral bacteria swallowed with food unmolested set up their prefered environment in the small intestine. The Alkaline-loving bacteria grow unchecked hacking into the immune system and the controls for the production of digestive chemistry for their benefit.

The acidic alkaline diet food chart. Most prebiotics are high in fiber. Are the Alkaline foods High in Fiber?

‘Alkalizing’ the body can cause good bacteria to change their behavior, resulting in damage to your body. Have you ever had a friend or cousin, where their behavior changed when they got around bad influencers? The same thing happens in your gut. Alkaline-loving bacteria change the behavior of other bacteria the same way gang members change the behavior of the neighborhood they occupy. The “good” bacteria that should NOT be in the small intestine, now have a hospitable environment closer to the food supply.

Lyme Disease Is Now A Mold Problem

Every profession is influenced by a half a dozen Professional Influencers (PIs). And just like that all the Lyme Illiterati will start diagnosing their patients with Mold. Immediately becoming Mold Illiterati.

They are allowed to have more than one peer group. Many change groups every three to six months when patients begin complaining about lack of progress.

Most Doctors practice in a manner that is a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group and Professional Influencers. The Social Media PIs will quickly become Mold Illiterati, leading to more misdiagnosis.

Two recent patients diagnosed by nationally know PIs had Diabetes. But the PIs never bothered ordering a Complete Blood Test. Just labs for Mold and they fudged their analysis to support the Mold meme.

Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning and losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.

Sun Tzu

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms for mold illness are very similar to chronic Lyme disease:

  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Focus/concentration issues, word recall, memory issues
  • Confusion, disorientation, mood swings
  • Muscle aches, cramps, joint pain, morning stiffness
  • Skin sensitivity, light sensitivity
  • Cough, shortness of breath, dizziness
  • Excessive thirst, increased urination, static shocks
  • Numbness and tingling, unusual pain, “ice pick’ pain
  • Abdominal pain, diarrhea, appetite swings
  • Headaches, tremors, metallic taste
  • Temperature regulation problems, day/night sweats (more at night)
  • Red eyes, tearing, sinus problems

There is NO Way these symptoms could be related to some Un-Cool condition such as Insulin Resistance.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

  • Fatigue.
  • Brain fogginess and inability to focus. Sometimes the fatigue is physical, but often it is mental.
  • People with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance also can have low or normal blood sugars, if their high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting or dietary restriction.
  • High blood sugar. Mild, brief periods of low blood sugar are normal during the day, especially if meals are not eaten on a regular schedule. But prolonged hyperglycemia with some of the symptoms listed here, especially physical and mental fatigue, are not normal.
  • Red Blood Cell aggregation has been consistently associated with insulin resistance.
  • Feeling agitated, jittery, moody, nauseated, or having a headache is common in Insulin Resistance, without immediate relief once food is eaten.
  • Intestinal bloating. Most intestinal gas is produced from dysbiosis.
  • Insulin Resistance sufferers who eat carbohydrates suffer from gas, lots of it.
  • Sleepiness. Many people with Insulin Resistance get sleepy immediately after eating a meal exceeding their Carbohydrate Tolerance.
  • Fatigue after meals, craving sugar after meals, must have dessert:
    • Cut back on carbs until you are no longer sleepy after meals and/or do not crave sugar after eating.
  • Weight gain, fat storage, difficulty losing weight. The fat in IR is generally stored around the midsection in both males and females.
  • Increased cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • When triglycerides are equal to or greater than cholesterol suspect Diabetes.
  • Increased blood pressure. It is a fact that most people with hypertension have too much insulin and are Insulin Resistant. It is often possible to show a direct relationship between the level of insulin and blood pressure: as insulin levels elevate, so does blood pressure.
  • Depression. Because carbohydrates are a natural “downer,” depressing the brain, it is not uncommon to see many depressed persons who also have Insulin Resistance.

Most Doctors never bother checking for Insulin Resistance.

Symptoms of Red Blood Cell Aggregation

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fogginess and inability to focus
  • Nerve pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Numbness and tingling in arms and legs
  • Muscle cramping
This creates Hypoxia (low Oxygen), Hypercapnia (High Carbon Dioxide) and Ischemia (low blood flow).

People with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance also can have low or normal blood sugars, if their high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting or dietary restriction, e.g. food sensitivities, AIP diet, GAPS, Keto, etc.

Lyme Disease: Real Disease / Fake Fad Diagnosis

Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness that has struck nearly 80,000 people since the CDC began keeping track in 1982 and now causes at least 8,500 new cases annually.

There’s no doubt that both acute and chronic forms of Lyme disease are real, that they’re caused by a spirochete passed by the bite of an infected tick and that they are treatable with antibiotics, says Dr. Allen Steere, director of the Lyme disease program at the New England Medical Center

“But along with that has come the ‘other’ Lyme disease,” he says, a syndrome of pain and fatigue of unknown cause.

It is of “unknown cause” because they are unable to get out of the Lyme Echo Chamber.

“Functional Medicine” preaches the “biochemical individuality” of each patient.

Lyme Disease Has Become a Profit-Centered Diagnosis du Jour.

How prevalent is Lyme becoming a Profit-Centered Diagnosis du Jour? Functional Medicine practitioners are now doing GROUP consultations. They are posting in the Social Media groups about how much it has increased their profits.

Both Doctors and Patients are seeking Social Proof unknowingly being controlled by Google and Social Media Algorithms.

Diagnosis is tricky because people had Lyme disease score positive on antibody tests long after the infection is over – even if their later problems have nothing to do with it. With the Lyme Illiteratii it will not matter if the lab results are negative. You will still have Lyme Disease. However, there is a problem with this. If you have ever had Measles, Mumps or Chicken Pox, you will have positive antibodies for Measles, Mumps and Chicken Pox. Does that mean you currently have Measles, Mumps and Chicken Pox? Think about how Lyme Disease has become a profit centered Diagnosis du jour.

Of nearly 800 patients who visited Steere’s clinic during a five-year period, he says, 23 percent had chronic Lyme disease; another 20 percent had – had it and then developed something else, usually pain and fatigue that could be called Cytokine-Induced Sickness Behavior; and 57 percent had a pseudo-Lyme disease, usually a pain and fatigue syndrome caused by Cytokine-Induced Sickness and Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome. Do the math. Seventy-seven percent (77%) do not have Lymes. Even with the 23% that previously “had” real-Lyme, it does not mean they will respond to an active-Lyme treatment. It occured in the past.

Doctor was strongly “recommending” MMR Booster for 26 year old Mother of child starting Kindergarten. Does She Need A Booster?

Now before you start quoting the Lyme Illiteratii, let me propose this scenario to you. You go to the Doctor for your fever and sore throat (Common Cold) symptoms. The Doctor is a Measles Mentor specialist. This Doctor runs a Measles antibody test to find you are positive for Measles “antibodies”.

Signs and symptoms of measles typically include:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis)

You mention experiencing some abdominal pain, headaches and swelling of your legs during your period. The Measles Mentor instantly recognizes these are symptoms of Atypical Measles (AMS) – abdominal pain, abnormal liver function tests, edema (swelling) and headache. Your previous liver function tests are normal, but your MM Doctor doesn’t order any tests they would disprove their diagnosis du jour. They don’t like explaining lab results that would rule out their diagnosis du jour. They focus on antibody testing which is almost always positive and if it is not they will find a way to make it positive. It is guaranteed the Doctor will prescribe treatment for Atypical Measles (AMS).

The problem with this diagnosis and treatment is two-fold. You have a childhood history of Measles when you were nine years old, which gave you life-long antibody protection from measles. Years later your body’s immune system is producing antibodies to Measles. Thus the positive Measles antibody test results. The second is you are missing the rash. There is a stereotypical rash occurring with Measles. Where is it? Read More on the Lyme Rash.

The Measles Mentor Doctor explains very convincingly that you are having a “relapse”. Not everyone develops the Measles rash. That is why they call it “Atypical.” You are at a loss to question the diagnosis and treatment. So you start following the Measles Mentor Facebook group. Sure enough, you find everybody repeating what the Measles Mentor Doctor told you. You use Google to search for more information on Measles to find multiple Measles Mentor Doctors all publishing the same information. Not only that, they are having symposiums on Measles to educate people on the diagnosing measles, charging each person attending hundreds of dollars to attend.

Take notice here. They are publishing the same information because they are doing “copy and paste” from the founder of the Measles Mentor group. Some are adding the ubiquitous symptoms of brain fog, and fatigue to their description that are not specific to the disease. Other Measles Mentors have linked Measles to stubbing your toe in the middle of the night with the lights off. Remember the Inflamed Eyes being a symptoms of Measles. The Measles caused you to not be able to see the chair in the dark. Another example is this post regarding the thyroid in this screen shot from a social media influencer. You are guaranteed to have the symptoms of the diagnosis du jour.

Why Do the Antibody Rules Only Apply to Lyme?

None of the Lyme Illiteratti will discuss the following images. They start babbling and speaking in tongues. (Probably caused by Lyme) because it blows up their Lyme Antibody memes.

If the 26 year old woman being coerced to get a MMR booster has positive Antibodies for MEASLES, MUMPS AND RUBELLA. She must have MEASLES, MUMPS AND RUBELLA according to the standards of diagnosis used by the Lyme Illiteratti. But wait, there is more.

A Woman from the country of Jordan (that’s in the Middle East) has Rubella Antibodies of 57.9. Wow!!! The 26 year old Rubella Antibodies were 3.17. Shouldn’t the woman from Jordan be covered in a red rash? The Lyme Illiteratti would be going bat crap crazy for a lab test with antibodies that high.

This brings into question the “Measles” epidemic in the United States. It may be a new strain of Measles that is being brought in by mass immigration.

Antibodies from Botox Injections

You can have a previous exposure to the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which your immune system took care of. Eliminating it from you body but is now producing antibodies from that previous exposure. The same can occur with BOTOX injections. You can develop antibodies to Clostridium botulinum after receiving the BOTOX injections, but that does not mean you have Botulism.

Time to Get Serious

How many common symptoms are there between the popular diagnosed conditions? Too many conditions have the exact same overlapping symptoms. Professional and Social Media Influencers write books, post blog articles and host summits piling all of these symptoms onto their diagnosis du jour of choice. They present every symptom a person could possibly have all being caused by their diagnosis du jour of choice. When in fact in reality, you are allowed to have multiple organs dysfunctioning at the same time. Walking around the house in the dark is why your stubbed your toe, not the diagnosis du jour.

Is it “Hope for Lyme Disease” as in you hope for Lyme Disease. They teach you how to walk the walk to have Lyme Disease. They teach you how to talk the talk for Lyme Disease. You become a ATM machine for them.

Or is it “Hope for Lyme Disease” as in you feel bad. You have symptoms but it does not fit the criteria for Lyme Disease. Insurance companies, Professional and Social Media Influencers have trained us to to seek a diagnosis to better understand how you should be feeling.

Insurance Companies Complicate the Diagnosis Problem

Insurance companies dictate that you are only allowed one conditions at a time. Multiple conditions require exponential amounts of paperwork to document the multiple diagnoses. Which more that likely will cause payment for the treatment to be denied. Don’t assume just because the Doctor accepts your insurance co-payment they will inturn get paid by the insurance company. It is easier to play the game and give you the diagnosis du jour that pays the most.

One Condition = One Payment.
Multiple Conditions = No Payment.

This leads to the lumping of symptoms onto the actual symptoms of the diagnosis du jour. This leads to further confusion in the treatment. Professional and Social Media Influencers include the accumulated symptoms into the media they produce, which adds to their profit margin in added supplement sales.

Making a Diagnosis to fulfill the requirements for insurance payment is self-limiting. In that only one condition at a time will be paid for. This leads to a blurring of lines that define specific health conditions. Of these “diseases” – such as Lyme, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalopathy, thyroid, Candida and depression, all have the same core symptoms.

Of these “Diagnosis du Jour” – such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalopathy (Which is now the replacement diagnosis for fibromyalgia.), thyroid, Candida and depression – which terms tells the Doctor and patient enough to search the internet about what is going on in their life or what to do based on the diagnosis du jour. This guarantees any symptom you have is going to be caused by the diagnosis du jour.

Are You Caught in the Diagnosis Trap?

The Internet makes it easy to fall into a trap. Professional and Social Media Influencers make their money by trapping you into a diagnosis du jour. Yes, those Social Media Influencers are monetizing (making money) by promoting a diagnosis. But they are so nice and caring. Yes, they are. All the way to the bank.

The trap that we fall into is called anchoring bias for a diagnosis du jour. The patient seeks the help of a Doctor with a set of complaints, usually self-diagnosed, that fit a broad range of conditions. Doctors, just as patients, follow the personality. Not the information. Once they get a label in their minds, they fit everything into that diagnostic box, anchoring all of the symptoms to that diagnosis, even ones that do not quite fit.

Anchoring or focalism is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered (the “anchor”) when making decisions.

For the doctors, this is a trap of a patient’s bias anchoring them to a diagnosis du jour. Patient with an anchoring bias seek help from Doctors with the same anchoring bias of the same diagnosis du jour. If the Doctor does not address the patient’s diagnosis du jour, they leave. Doctors are quickly trained by patients to give them what they want for business reasons.

If something doesn’t fit, don’t try to make it fit.

An example of this is a woman that sought help for her thyroid condition. Her thyroid labs were normal. She was unable to get out of bed. Her daily routine was bed to couch, then couch to bed. It took her several months to get labs done being unable to leave the house as she was. Her lab tests showed she was suffering from Hepatic Encephalopathy. Then it took her several months to take the supplement protocol. She was able to return to work and start exercising. After six months she called to ask when I was going to start treating her thyroid. I told her she didn’t have a thyroid problem. She got upset and left seeking the help of a “thyroid” specialist. This case reminded us to keep reciting the mantra: if something doesn’t fit, don’t try to make it fit. Ask what else might be going on. Don’t fall into the trap.

Let Me Be Clear!

At no time am I saying you are not feeling the way your are feeling. Doctors must be free of any preconceived notions on what is causing your symptoms. I understand you are feeling bad. Giving you a popular diagnosis du jour will make any treatment recommendations for it detrimental to your health. This further worsening of your health only serves to feed the bank account of the Professional and Social Media Influencers promoting the diagnosis du jour.

Are You Ready to Escape the Diagnosis du jour Echo Chamber?

Do you want a Doctor that looks at you without a diagnosis du jour agenda?  During the first contact with a patient I find out which echo chamber they are in. Then I determine if they are willing to step out of the echo chamber. It is up to the individual to stay out of the echo chamber.

The diagnosis du jour echo chambers are seductive. It may be easier to go through heroin withdrawal than to leave the diagnosis du jour echo chamber. Well, what if I do have it?

Whatever you perceive you will achieve.

How many Doctors have you been to? How much money have you spent on Doctors and treatments? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting the results to change.

If you have read this far. Something must be resonating within you. You may be questioning your diagnosis du jour. You need to be independent of the opinions of those following the Professional and Social Media Influencers. Over and over, patients who’s health is returning, tell me their well-meaning friends are sending them links promoting their diagnosis du jour. This is an invitation back into the diagnosis du jour echo chambers. They don’t want you to leave. Be like them. Commiserate with them. Is that what you want? You could have a Jesus healing and they would still try to convince you that it didn’t occur.

Healing is not immediate. Especially, if you have a history of doing misguided treatments. It takes time. Six to eight weeks to heal a fractured bone. Three to seven days for a cut. Your body has the ability to heal. The immune system has a minimum of a two year memory. That does not mean you won’t feel better for two years. It means it is a slow gradual progression.

Call today if you want someone to look at you and unique circumstances causing the way you feel.

Are You Sensitive to Vitamin D?

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? 

For people who are outside daily for about fifteen minutes they ought to be fine. Since those with lives keeping them inside buildings, cars, stores, they received little sunlight. In addition, those of us who live in northern areas don’t get enough sun to affect our vitamin D production due to the angle of the sun in winter.

For those with an Autoimmune Condition, the story is quite different. Even short exposure to sunlight can provoke a Cytokine Storm. When I was at my worst. I could not walk out to get the mail in the sunlight. Fortunately, this condition has been resolved for six years.

Many can have an adverse reaction to Vitamin D, although the dosage they are taking is within the range that is supposed to be well tolerated according to studies. As you know Vitamin D is reported to do no evil. 

Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) Dysregulation

The conventional view of autoimmune disease is that it results from the adaptive immune system “gone awry,” leading to inflammation and destruction of human tissue. Consequently, the Medical community uses immunosuppressive agents frequently used to curb what is considered to be inappropriate immune activation. Alternative and Functional Medicine practitioners have taken the opposite approach of stimulating the immune system.  

Especially if microbes are involved. One of the agents proposed for this purpose is vitamin D. The use of vitamin D in various forms has had particular appeal because of a lower level of the precursor form 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-D) often being associated with autoimmune disease.  This inverse association has fostered the view that adding vitamin D is correcting a deficiency. 

The new model discussed here is based on a different view of vitamin D and autoimmune disease. Vitamin D is a close resemblance in structure to immunosuppressive steroids. The levels of each of the vitamin D metabolites are affected by a complex network of feedback mechanisms involving multiple enzymes and receptors, indicating vitamin D is regulated more like a steroid than a nutrient. A low level of serum 25-D is seen as a deficiency rather than the result of down regulation and a causal factor leading to illness.

Certain bacteria species reported on the Genova 2200 Gastrointestinal Function Profile are the primary cause of Vitamin D Receptor dysfunction. The innate immune responses are the first line of defense against invading microbes and bacteria. Because VDR is key to the innate immune response, bacteria have developed ways to counter to activation of the Vitamin D Receptor reducing the immune response towards themselves.  VDR dysfunction would lead to chronic infections with a wide range of bacteria and other microbes, leading to inflammation and frequent elevation in autoimmune disease markers. 

When bacterial species convert bile salts into toxic bile salts. Toxic secondary bile acid levels are damaging to the cells lining the small intestine and cause extensive mucosal damage of the stomach and esophagus. This is more harmful than acid reflux alone. The major conversion of secondary bile salts is the formation of lithocholic acid. Lithocholic acid competitively inhibits etiocholanolone elimination occurring in the liver. This results in increase potential for immune stimulation and a localized fever. In addition to this lithocholic acid causes damage to Vitamin D receptors and reactions to sunlight or Vitamin D supplements.

The ability of certain bacteria to cause VDR dysfunction is believed to be key. Increasing evidence indicates that vitamin D supplementation can contribute to bacteria-induced dysfunction of the VDR. This VDR dysfunction leads to immunosuppression that, while palliative in the short term, is counterproductive for long-term healing.

Vitamin D Receptor Antibodies

Another possible explanation for vitamin D deficiency in patients with autoimmune diseases is the presence of neutralizing autoantibodies to vitamin D. Bacteria survive by confusing the immune system. When immune cells show up to access the damage like Police responding to a 911 call, being unable to see the bacteria, associate the damage with Vitamin D. The Immune Cells then mistakenly produce antibodies to Vitamin D and Vitamin D receptors. 

When this occurs, even exposure to sunlight can provoke an autoimmune response to Vit. D. Supplementing with Vit. D or even exposure to sunlight would provoke a Cytokine Storm with symptoms of Cytokine-Induced Sickness. Many with an impaired immune response may experience a mild form of Sun Poisoning. 

Sun Poisoning

Sun poisoning doesn’t really mean you’ve been poisoned. It is often the term used for a severe case of sunburn. This is usually a burn from ultraviolet (UV) radiation that inflames your skin. However, those with an autoimmune condition can experience Sun Poisoning through the activation of the immune cells to the Vitamin D being produced in the skin. This results in a person experiencing the symptoms of Cytokine-Induced Sickness

Symptoms of Sun Poisoning

Within just 15 minutes of being in the sun, you can be sunburned. But you might not know it right away. The redness and discomfort might not show up for a few hours.

You can become severely sunburned if you stay in the sun a long time and don’t wear protection. You are more likely to sunburn if you have light skin and fair hair.

Severe sunburn or sun poisoning can cause symptoms such as the following:

  • Skin redness and blistering
  • Pain and tingling
  • Swelling
  • Headache
  • Fever and chills
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration

Symptoms of a Cytokine Storm

The primary symptoms of a Cytokine Storm are:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Low mood
  • Anxiousness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • High fever
  • Intermittent Hot Flashes
  • Swelling and redness
  • Nausea.

Game Changing Autoimmune Protocol

Are you sick and tired of being – sick and tired? Do you agree that Autoimmunity is on the rise? Are you looking for ways to feel better?

Stimulating an Out-of-Control Immune System results in an out of control Neuro-Endo-Immune Supersystem.

All of the patients that contact me for help are all taking the standard internet-driven protocol of Anti-Inflammatory Supplements combined with Immune-Stimulating Supplements.

INFLAMMATION is a normal, protective IMMUNE RESPONSE to tissue injury caused by physical trauma, toxic chemicals, and microbes (bacteria, fungi, and parasites). It is the body’s effort to inactivate or destroy invading organisms, remove toxins, and set the stage for tissue repair. When healing is complete, the inflammatory process should subside.

  • Chronic Inflammationcauses progressive tissue injury through theChronic Immune Response.
  • The associated pain of the immune response may be severe and intolerable
  • Increased Melatonin stimulates the immune response; Melatonin is naturallyincreased in the body from July to December.
    • Blue Blocker glasses increase melatonin levels.
  • Immune stimulating foods
  • Inflammation isincreased by inappropriate stimulation and activation of your immune system, through Immune Stimulating Supplements.
    • All Alternative and Functional Therapy is based on “stimulating the immune system is good.

Chronic inflammation culminates in devastating events that can lead ultimately to multiple organ dysfunction due to abnormalities in tissue architecture and replacement by non-functional fibrous tissue. Once this stage is reached, little can be done through diet and lifestyle.

Understanding chronic inflammation is a chronic irrational immune response has given rise to insight into ways to naturally control troublesome diseases, where ‘old’ therapies such as hydrocortisone and immunosuppressants combined with immune stimulants seem to have only a limited clinical results.

Too many patients expect to continue the same failed programs while expecting different results.

Chasing symptoms and triggers is futile until the immune system is calmed and quieted. The nutritional support listed below have been game changers in the reduction and elimination of Cytokine Storms and inflammation. More often than not, calming and quieting the immune system eliminates the majority of the so called triggers without the use of food allergy testing.

These products are based on the results achieved by numerous patients after the Stimulated Cytokine Profile lab test.

PCOS Is Due to Increased Melatonin

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is due to increased Melatonin regulates a variety of physiological and pathophysiological processes including hypothalamic control of circadian rhythms, regulation of ovulation in women, and immune system stimulation, and the cardiovascular system. It has also been shown to influence cell differentiation where it can either stimulate or suppress cell division depending on melatonins concentration or the type of cell exposed to increased levels of melatonin.

Increased “Cell Differentiation”

In light of this, melatonin has been proclaimed to be a cure-all for everything from treating insomnia and cancer to acting as an anti-aging agent.

Most women with PCOS grow many small cysts on their ovaries. That is why it is called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Melatonin concentrations are higher in the fluid of large follicles (cysts) than in the small follicles (cysts) suggesting that increased melatonin in follicles (cysts) prior to ovulation may have an important role in ovulation processes.

Many women experience pain and increased symptoms during ovulation due to the spike in melatonin production. Often women call every month wondering what they did to cause a flair in their symptoms while others find that they may need to use ovulation test strips to help them know when ovulation will occur. The first question is: Where are you at in your cycle?

This would Infertility.

Increased melatonin levels are observed in women with PCOS, patients with dysfunctional reproductive organs, in patients of HPG Axis amenorrhea, and in anorexia nervosa.

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