Become a Patient

Dr. Dave’s Patient Pledge

I pledge to look at the person seeking my assistance in restoring their health as a unique individual with their own unique set of circumstances and organ dysfunction creating symptom ubiquitous to a wide variety of diagnosis.

I pledge not to be moved or effected by Professional or Social Media Influencers, Dr. Google, Dr. Facebook or the ever-evolution of Diagnosis du Jour promulgated by bought and paid ads using algorithms to divert people needing help to the aforementioned websites.

I pledge to rely on my own independent research and analysis.

I pledge to recognize to the best of my abilities when a real disease condition is present.

I pledge to recognize Fake Fad Diagnosis for what it is and to call it as such. Even when algorithms have convinced those that need help to accept the Fake Fad Diagnosis as their fate.

They have lost the ability to think independently.

I pledge to be independent of the Group Think when reviewing your health condition.

  • Dr. Peterson follows the information, Not the Professional or Social Media Influencers.
  • Dr. Peterson is free of any preconceived notions about your condition to the best of his abilities.
  • Dr. Peterson recognizes it is difficult to stay out of the riptide of Internet Algorithms.
  • Dr. Peterson “Red Teams” all the Diagnosis du Jour(s) and popular treatment protocols.

Red Team – tenth man doctrine When all involved are united in believing that something is true. The tenth man must argue to opposite is true. The tenth man must put together a compelling argument that the opposite is true.

RED TEAMING – Bryce G. Hoffman

Patient Fees & Pricing

The in depth, Functional Medicine care provided through Wellness Alternatives goes far beyond what traditional insurance will cover, and is labeled as “preventative and wellness” by them. Thus we do not take insurance.

Questions? Please contact us: email or 530-615-4083

Do You Qualify As A New Patient?

Functional Medicine Consultation & Strategy – $500 package fee

For those who simply want an expert Functional Medicine, individualized, root cause analysis of their current health status and a plan to set them on a path toward improved health:

  • Comprehensive Functional Wellness Consultation & Evaluation with Dr. Dave – This is where it starts off. A comprehensive consulting session with Dr. Dave to understand the full context of…you. What your history is, your present condition, and where you want to be in the near and long-term future. You’ll fill out a comprehensive medical and health history, have an extended visit with Dr. Dave.
  • Pre appointment review of your 1) Functional Medicine Patient Registration form, and 2) Metabolic, Immune Status and Vasomotor Dominance Assessments.
  • Triage of Existing Lab Panels
    • Triage of forms and existing lab panels may show need for additional lab panels at additional cost, which depends on the labs ordered.
  • 1.5 hour Initial Consultation with Dr. Dave to gain full context on you, your health status and health goals
  • Second 1.5 hour Strategy Session with Dr. Dave to review your labs and review your individual treatment plan.

How it Works

Here are some bullet points to help you understand what starting out as a patient looks like.

  • Enrolling – Simply call us at 530-615-4083 or by email and we will have someone get with you right away.
  • Payment – At the time of enrollment, we will take your payment information. A $100 Appointment Deposit will be charged immediately – this is not an extra charge, but taken from your package rate. Your payment for the Functional Medicine Consultation & Strategy – $500 package will be processed three days before your first scheduled appointment.
  • First New Patient Appointments – We generally stay booked 12-16 weeks out, so be aware that when you enroll there will be a bit of a wait to get you in for your first appointment.
  • No Contract – You are not bound by any contract, you may remain a patient as long as you desire. If you decide to discontinue, just let us know.
  • Meet & Great – We often get this request, “Can I meet with Dr. Dave before I make such a commitment?” It is a completely understandable request. We do not do this however, as we stay booked out a good ways with new patient enrollments. What we do offer is this – if after your first appointment you do not wish to continue, you may stop immediately. We base our fees on $400 per hour for Dr. Dave, so you will have received $400 of his time. You will be refunded $100. We are proud to say we have never been asked to do this, but it is a standing offer for your security.
  • Labs – A very specific lab panel is paramount to your care. Unnecessary, ordering of excessive amounts of labs tests is strictly avoided. The most specific appropriate lab panel is determined by triaging the information you provide in the assessment forms. These labs are not included in your fees to Wellness Alternatives. Insurance will not cover the costs. There are some exceptions for some Gastrointestinal Panels.
  • Supplements – As the modern diet can not supply the nutrients we need for optimal health, Nutritional Supplements are a staple. Prospective patients are often concerned about how much additional expense this will add. Dr. Dave is very sensitive to supplements being taken unnecessarily and tries to minimize intake as much as possible.

Follow-Up to Your Foundational Start

  • Follow-Up Strategy Session with Dr. Dave – 30 days out – This is Dr. Dave’s paramount session.  He has the context of you and now has hard data results from blood tests and advanced diagnostics. This is where the strategy is set for walking out your path to wellness, based on your goals.
  • Follow-Up Implementation Progress with Dr. Dave – 75 days out – This is a significant check up to monitor your progress and adjust your trajectory.
  • Every 45-60 Days – Going forward you will be scheduled for ensuing appointments and/or touch points with your Providers every 45-60 days.
  • Daily Contact – You are walking out and living within your health, minute by minute, every day. When you have a Question, Concern, or Idea, contacting Dr. Dave at Wellness Alternatives is as easy as a quick test message or email, right when you are thinking of it. While this is not a “doctor-on-call” he will respond during normal business hours. No charge for appropriate Daily Contact.

Follow-up Fee Schedule

  • Lab Analysis Fee per Lab
    • $200 per lab test
  • Consultation Fee
    • 30 min. consult $250
    • 45 min. consult $375
    • 60 min. consult $500
    • 75 min. consult $650
    • 90 min. consult $750
    • every 15 min. thereafter billed at $150