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Growers Lie About Being Resellers Of Produce

The deceptive “Growers” can charge more if people think it was grown locally.

I keep telling people to ask if the seller grows the produce at the farmers market. Can you visit their farm where the produce is grown? The trouble is people are so disconnected and familiar with seeing produce at the grocery store year around. They have no idea what is being harvested or where it is grown.

They are more emotionally connected to the idea of buying their “organic” produce from a local grower while spending some outdoor time at the “Farmers Market”, than finding out where the “organic” produce is actually procured from.

I stopped going years ago when I asked and found out the “Growers” at the Farmer’s Market were buying the seconds and blemished produce the major grocery store chains rejected.

This is what happens when you grow up on a Dairy farm, helping to grow a garden to feed a family of eight. Oh, by the way, don’t walk by the garden without pulling some weeds. You learn what is in season and when it is harvested during the growing season.

California Blend Veggies From China At Whole Foods?

Even Whole Foods is not selling what people think they are selling. Granted this video is from 2008. I seriously doubt much has changed.

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