I have a Positive Antibody Test Result?

Do you have Positive Antibody Test Results? Are you questioning the results? Are you feeling no different after months on your treatment regimen? Antibody testing is not as infallible as they are made out to be.

If the results of Antibody tests are tied only to symptoms, you are guaranteed to be diagnosed with whatever condition you are being tested for.

Fallibility of Antibody Testing

I first began to question antibody testing after working with a 16 year old cheerleader that would go violently manic after eating gluten. I am talking about call 911 – violently manic. How could that occur where the behavior and symptoms do not match the lab test?

16 year old Cheerleader would go violently manic after eating gluten. Serum (blood) test reported Zero IgA Gluten antibodies. Stool test IgA Gluten antibodies was 5.3 – equivocal. The IgAs are the same throughout the body. The problem is not in the lab tests. The problem lies in her immune systems inappropriate response.

My personal lab tests were the opposite of the Cheerleaders. My saliva IgA test results were positive. My stool IgA results showed my intestinal tract was producing very low quantities of IgAs.

My personal Gluten/gliadin IgA test results done a week apart. I experienced severe brain fog and dyslexia after eating gluten. That was then. Now am able to eat gluten without any symptoms.

My first thoughts were – maybe the saliva, serum and gut produce different types of IgAs. Not the case. IgAs are the same through out the body. My next question is how could be IgAs produced in different parts of the body be so vastly different in the body?

I spoke with the Professional Influencers, who promote Antibody testing. Their answers were to blame the lab tests. Okay??? If the lab tests are a problem. Why are you still using and promoting them in your classes? Foot steps. Click – phone disconnected.

Dogma of Antibody Testing.

Immune Responses cause Inflammation.
Abnormal or Positive Antibody results does not indicate an active Immune Response.

The current dogma is that Immune cells are stimulated by Antibodies. The Antibody tests are thought to be absolutely accurate and infallible. They believe as long as antibodies are present, the antibodies are constantly stimulating an immune response. They also are lead to believe the presence of antibodies are from an ongoing infection. Typically, IgG antibodies are produced in the first phase of immune responses. However, the immune response to IgA, IgG, and IgM declines or is terminated along the course of the disease in most patients. IgM antibodies are indicative of an ongoing immune response., This suggests that the antibody response eventually burns out. Studies have shown the detection of IgA and IgM antibodies in 62% and 61% of IgG antibodies have been found in autoimmune patients after 7 years.

36 year old woman told by MD, she needed MMR booster shot because her children are starting school.

This suggests that the antibody response eventually burns out.

The presence of TPO, TAA and Gluten antibodies does not indicate an active Hashimoto’s – Thyroid Immune Attack.

A resolution of the disease is not associated with a decrease in antibodies. Only those with a short disease duration are likely to experience a decrease in antibodies levels. For most autoimmune patients there is no significant change in antibody levels, However, patients with immune calming/quieting treatment, experienced a 20% decline in their antibody levels. Normalization in the levels of antibodies with treatment intervention occurs in less that 7% of patients. The success of clinical interventions in lowering antibody levels (and thus likely minimizing the pathogenic effects of autoantibody binding) appears to be dependent on disease duration. The association of shorter disease duration with greater declines in antibody levels is highly consistent with the growing body of evidence that shows improved clinical outcomes with earlier disease intervention in autoimmunity.,,

36 year old woman told by MD, she needed MMR booster shot because her children are starting school.

Approximately one-half of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis had positive IgM-RF and/or antibodies on at least 1 occasion, almost 5 years prior to disease onset. More than 50% of autoimmune patients may have positive antibodies upwards of 13 years after disease resolution, regardless of treatment.

Do You Need More Examples Of Questionable Antibody Tests?

Most Doctors will blame the Laboratory Company. It is not the Laboratory Company. They are reporting accurate results for what they are testing. It is your “Immune System” that is the problem. Your Immune System is not just compromised. It is broken.

36 year old woman told by MD, she needed MMR booster shot because her children are starting school.

How many $$$thousands of Dollars are spent on Antibody testing. One patient that came to my office for help spent in excess of $4,500 in antibody lab testing. All of the results were “IN RANGE” negative.

MRT Cytokine test shows severe reactivity to yeast while Cyrex antibody test shows none.

Until the Immune System is calmed and quieted, antibody tests are pretty useless, confusing and frustrating. People are constantly changing their diet to comply with their food allergy test. Many tests results are over five years old. Many people have done multiple food allergy tests. Yet, the person is still attempting to comply dietarily with all of the tests results, while sliding down a slippery slope and nothing it working. So, they seek out another Diagnosis du jour. Never letting go of the old diagnosis or test result and incorporating the new.

The Immune System is dynamic and responses to food can change over time

Has anyone ever stopped to consider the Immune System is dynamic and responses to food can change over time? Food sensitivities/allergies are not permanent, forever and ever, written in stone.

MRT Cytokine test shows severe reactivity to millet, oats and rice while Cyrex antibody test shows none.

Whatever food you frequently consume to comply with avoiding your food sensitivity/allergy meals will become the new food sensitivity/allergy.

MRT Cytokine test shows reactivity to milk and dairy while Cyrex antibody test shows none.

I have not used a food allergy/sensitivity test for about 15 years. It is unlikely that I would recommend them as long as people are bringing these conflicting test results.

As a farmer, I question how tomatoes and other summer vegetables are “Fresh” when there is snow on the ground.

It is not the foods that are causing the problem. Except for lectins. Lectins are a problem. People are “eating only fresh”, “eating organic” foods that have been harvest when they were not ripe, gassed to prevent further ripening, stored in Atmosphere Controlled Storage for months or years, shipped to the wholesaler, gassed again to restart ripening, then put out in the “fresh produce” aisle. Yes, even at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I know how you think!!!

Atmosphere Controlled Storage of “Fresh” produce allows them to be stored for months or years before being sold as “Fresh” produce.

I focus instead on restoring the production and sequencing of digestive chemistry. Lectins shut off the production of digestive chemistry to allow a viable seed to survive travel through the digestive tract. I choose to calm and quiet the Immune System. Why would I want to stimulate an out-of-control immune response.

No! Stimulating your immune system will not reset it back to normal when it is out-of-control, responding inappropriately.

Do you need help? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you frustrated with your boiled chicken meals. Oh, by the way, that bone broth you are drinking may be causing part of your problems as it stimulate cytokine that do not need antibody to flair up.

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