Thyroid Underconversion

Thyroid Under-Conversion due to Inflammation

Thyroid Under-Conversion occurs when the cell membranes of the body are damaged due to chronic infection or inflammation. Many fail to recognize inflammation is the result of an immune response. Many more continue to blame only the thyroid.

Inflammation and Immune Response are not separate issues.

Oxidative stress can cause lipid peroxidation. Oxidative stress is a natural byproduct of the use of oxygen by biological systems. It is also caused by various biological processes such as inflammation, immune reactions, and detoxification processes. Unsaturated fatty acids (especially in cell membranes) are very susceptible to damage by oxidative stress. This damage results in lipid peroxidation (literally – ‘fat oxidation’). Antioxidants (especially vitamin E) work to prevent excessive levels of oxidative stress in cell membranes and therefore, help prevent lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxides can lead to damage to DNA. DNA damage can contribute to the risk of developing various cancers.

If a patient is found in adrenal uncoupling , the enzyme responsible for converting thyroid hormones has been down-regulated for prior exposure to elevated cortisol.

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