Game Changing Autoimmune Protocol

Are you sick and tired of being – sick and tired? Do you agree that Autoimmunity is on the rise? Are you looking for ways to feel better?

Stimulating an Out-of-Control Immune System results in an out of control Neuro-Endo-Immune Supersystem.

All of the patients that contact me for help are all taking the standard internet-driven protocol of Anti-Inflammatory Supplements combined with Immune-Stimulating Supplements.

INFLAMMATION is a normal, protective IMMUNE RESPONSE to tissue injury caused by physical trauma, toxic chemicals, and microbes (bacteria, fungi, and parasites). It is the body’s effort to inactivate or destroy invading organisms, remove toxins, and set the stage for tissue repair. When healing is complete, the inflammatory process should subside.

  • Chronic Inflammationcauses progressive tissue injury through theChronic Immune Response.
  • The associated pain of the immune response may be severe and intolerable
  • Increased Melatonin stimulates the immune response; Melatonin is naturallyincreased in the body from July to December.
    • Blue Blocker glasses increase melatonin levels.
  • Immune stimulating foods
  • Inflammation isincreased by inappropriate stimulation and activation of your immune system, through Immune Stimulating Supplements.
    • All Alternative and Functional Therapy is based on “stimulating the immune system is good.

Chronic inflammation culminates in devastating events that can lead ultimately to multiple organ dysfunction due to abnormalities in tissue architecture and replacement by non-functional fibrous tissue. Once this stage is reached, little can be done through diet and lifestyle.

Understanding chronic inflammation is a chronic irrational immune response has given rise to insight into ways to naturally control troublesome diseases, where ‘old’ therapies such as hydrocortisone and immunosuppressants combined with immune stimulants seem to have only a limited clinical results.

Too many patients expect to continue the same failed programs while expecting different results.

Chasing symptoms and triggers is futile until the immune system is calmed and quieted. The nutritional support listed below have been game changers in the reduction and elimination of Cytokine Storms and inflammation. More often than not, calming and quieting the immune system eliminates the majority of the so called triggers without the use of food allergy testing.

These products are based on the results achieved by numerous patients after the Stimulated Cytokine Profile lab test.

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