How Does Alkalinity Affect Mineral Absorption?

Alkaline pH and Mineral Absorption

MINERAL ASSIMILATION and UTILIZATION is affected by pH of the gut terrain and blood. Minerals have different pH levels at which they can be assimilated into the body. Minerals on the lower end of the atomic scale can be assimilated in a wider pH range, and minerals higher up on the scale require a narrower and narrower pH range in order to be assimilated by the body. For example….

There are those that are taking Iodine supplements for their “thyroid condition”, who are also “alkalizing”. What do you think their chances are that they are assimilating the iodine?

pH control impacts every biochemical process in the body including…

ENZYMES which are part of that biochemical process. There are hundreds if not thousands of enzyme processes which take place in the body. Many are so specific that they are like complex square pegs that need to “fit” into specific square holes in order to carry out their duty. If blood or gut pH is off balance even a little, some important pegs are not “fitting” their respective slots. Enzyme function and thus life itself begins to suffer.

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