Multiple Organ Dysfunction from Bad Root Canal: Case Review

A 40ish year old woman came to the office with unresolved fatigue, gastro, thyroid symptoms,  despite following a Gluten Free diet for nine years. Having done mostly GAPS/AIP/SCD eating protocols in that time frame.  She recently was food tested and determined that IgGs were positive for Casein, chocolate, coffee, corn, egg, peanut, tomato, wheat, and yeast. Limiting these foods has allowed some weight loss to begin, but other symptoms are still present.

She was being treated for the usual Social Media Memes of SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue with probiotics and  supplements made with whole food without any improvement. Analysis of the Genova 2200 Gastrointestinal Stool Profile was presented as everything was okay. She was referred to my office for a different opinion.


This was the assessment after triage of the labs she brought to the office. There was a disagreement as to whether the mouth was a problem that being it was not what she was there for. She wanted to know why she felt so bad and nothing seemed to have any affect. Turns out it started in the mouth and was all down-stream from there.

Would you like to see how this case is broken down? What are the thought processes as different components of her case are broken down? Let’s get started.

Her Cycle of Dysfunction

  • Bad Root Canal contributing to Oral Infection
  • Food Sensitivities | Allergies
  • Bacteria Cleave Immunoglobulins
  • Anemia of Chronic Inflammation
  • Sulphate Reducing Bacteria
  • Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Oral Bacteria Contribute to Endometriosis
  • Unexplained Underperformance Syndrome

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