Is Your Diagnosis Being Driven By Internet Algorithms?

Is your diagnosis being driven by an Internet Algorithm bought and paid for by a Professional or Social Media Influencer? Is this Internet Algorithm catching your inescapably into a Click Funnel, conveniently linked to a sale page for a “Good-For-You” supplement. I have one question. Do you feel like you are swimming in a riptide when it come to your health?

There is a tendency at this time for Doctors and Patients alike, to jump to worst case scenarios. Especially, when the underlying factors are overlooked and ignored to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, which maintains supplement sales. However, there are some who find the benefits of a click funnel fulfilling when it comes to the growth of their business, you may see this among small business owners, who use something similar to Salesforce as a tool to market their business and interact with consumers.

Too many believe in their diagnosis. Too many believe in their support group. There is safety in numbers. How can this many in the Support Group possibly be wrong? They are unknowingly being swept into Ad Funnels bought and paid for by Professional and Social Media Influencers.

Have you ever written something in an email or text or maybe searched for something online? Only to see your web browser inundated with advertisements for that product. Do you think that is only happening for consumer products? Professional and Social Media Influencers are paying to put their ads and websites on your electronic devices screens. The same is happening for health related topics. After they link your searches together with your friends on Social Media, they have you locked in to their funnel.

Google and Facebook algorithms are funneling Doctors and people alike into diagnosis du jours and links for purchasing supplements. Professional and Social Media Influencers are buying ad-words on Google and Facebook to sweep people into their funnels. More like whirlpools or riptides that people can’t escape from. Leaving them drowning in erroneous treatment protocols.

Google and Social Media Ad Funnels make it darn near impossible to find any information to the contrary. You will have to consciously “Red Team” (on the contrary, the opposite is true) the information you are finding. You may have to go click through ten to twelve search engine pages before finding and information that has not been “copy and pasted” from some influencers website.

Most Doctors Follow the Personality. Not the Information.

There are howles and gnashing of teeth with that quote. They follow the information published by the Profesional Influencer Personalities. They never actually checkout the information. Since the 1990s, critical thinking has not been taught. Instead, Doctors are taught the answers to their National Board tests. Essentially, puking up an answer based on what they have been told to answer. They don’t feel qualified to question the Professional Influencer. Much less tell the Empereur, they have no clothes.

Google / Social Media Algorithm Trap Snares Doctors As Well

When Doctors fall into the Google / Social Media Algorithm trap, they will go from being advocates for a supplement, recommending the supplement for all their patients; to asking their Social Media Group, what brand of supplement others use, when they are not seeing the results claimed by the Supplement Companies or Professional and Social Media Influencers. Because, obviously it isjust the brand they are using that is the problem. Never recognising that the Professional or Social Media Influencer recommending the supplement has a financial interest in the recommendation.

The Doctors never take a step back and look at the information supporting the product. I take a different attitude towards supplements. If there are consistently poor or nonexistent beneficial results. I stop recommending it. I stop wasting the patient’s resources. Even with all the pressure patients put on me. Too many patients assume I am not aware of a particular wonder supplement. When in actuality, I wonder why anyone would recommend it.

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